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How to create a spa-like bathroom you'll never want to leave

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Most of us love to spend time at a spa.  It’s a luxurious way to treat ourselves for a few hours, whole day or even a weekend away.  As a busy parent I find it’s the ultimate time to relax, rejuvenate, have some treasured adult-only time and totally destress.  Though spas are often one of our favourite escapisms, we can rarely find the time or finances to indulge in this pastime often.

If you, too, love the spa experience, but struggle to regularly go, then this article is perfect for you.  I’m going to share several ways you can recreate a spa-like bathroom you’ll never want to leave.

Here are several ideas, some inexpensive and some if you’re considering a redesign, to create your very own luxurious spa bathroom at home:

Clear the clutter

Firstly, declutter.  A cluttered room equals a cluttered mind and this isn’t very spa-like at all.  Get rid of the mess and organise the things you need to keep.  Add storage to neatly organise your toiletries, towels and toilet rolls.  Add a wall hung bathroom cabinet or a under sink cupboard to hide all the unsightly bottles, bits & pieces.  Custom built cabinets can blend in seamlessly with your bathroom design so the whole bathroom really flows with clean corners and no bulky cabinetry.

Create a wet room

There’s always something so satisfying about a wet room and not needing to step up into a shower. If you really don’t want a bath and have a small bathroom this could be the perfect option.  Instead of bulky shower enclosures taking up precious space, a wet room will open the space up and give the impression of a larger room.

Heated tiled floors

If you could only pick one room for underfloor heating, the bathroom should be first choice.  There’s nothing worse than being cold after a hot shower or long soak in the tub.  Just imagine stepping onto a pre-warmed floor.  Add some stunning floor tiles with heating underneath for comfort extraordinaire!

Jacuzzi bath tub

For the ultimate spa experience in your own home consider changing your regular bath tub for a whirlpool bath.   These now come in all shapes and sizes, even regular bath sizes, so you don’t need any extra space.  Of course if you have the extra space, you might want to consider a two person bath. 

Oversized tub

 If a Jacuzzi bath isn’t your thing, at least ensure you have a tub that gives you plenty of space to stretch out and really relax.  If you have to have your knees and back hunched up constantly you’re really not going to be able to totally de-stress.

Heated towel rack

There’s nothing better than a warm towel as soon as you leave the bath tub.  Goosebumps appear as soon as you stand up into the cool air and you quickly want to feel warm again.  A heated towel rail will warm up your towels as you soak.  Just make sure you have the right towels to hand… 

High quality towels and bath mats

There’s nothing quite as disappointing as a stiff scratchy towel after a long hot soak in the tub. Treat yourself to the best cotton towels such as Hydro or Egyptian that get fluffier over time. Be sure to tumble dry with laundry balls for extra fluffiness. A plush bath mat feels a lot more luxurious than stepping onto a thrown down towel.  Invest a little extra on these finishing touches and they’ll last you much longer as well as provide a much more comforting texture.


Add an indoor plant to promote calmness and bring a touch of nature to your bathroom spa experience.  Real indoor plants, such as spider plants, can also purify the air by removing toxins.  If you have the space, choose beautiful plant pot and free standing plant. If space is lacking, why not try a small hanging plant in a corner?

Reed diffuser

High quality natural reed diffusers made from essential oils can last for up to one year.  Avoid the cheap versions with questionable chemicals and be sure to opt for natural based ingredients.  Reed diffusers will fill the room with pleasant and relaxing aromas to take you on a journey as you close your eyes and sink into the warm tub in candlelight…

Rainfall shower

If your water pressure allows, try updating your shower head for a larger version or have a rainfall shower installed from the ceiling. Drench yourself under these ginormous shower heads and feel like you’re washing yourself in the warm pouring rain of a tropical paradise.

Calming colours

Bright red or neon green may very well be your favourite colours, but they’re not going to recreate a relaxing spa atmosphere in your bathroom.  Pick neutral colours, particularly in a small bathroom, to promote a calm, stress-free environment.

His & hers sinks

Feel like you’re in a hotel and install his and hers sinks.  Not only will they look great, but you can stop waiting for each other to be finished in the bathroom and save time by getting ready at the same time.  Plus you’ll get your very own sink and more space to store all your bathroom essentials. 

Inset shelf

If your bath is against a wall, consider an inset shelf that is created in the tiles.  An inset shelf provides the perfect place for mood enhancing candles instead of the edge of the bath.  They’re also a great place to pop your luxury toiletries, the ones you want on show.  An inset shelf saves having to add unsightly corner shelves to showers, leaving you more elbow space too. 


No spa-like bathroom is complete without candles.  The flicker of a candle is calming and soothing and a welcome relief from the artificial light we endure for most of our days in offices and from screens.  Opt for natural soy based candles with essential oil fragrance.  You want to keep your spa experience at home as pure as possible with no toxins.

Bath pillow 

Cradle your neck and cushion your shoulders with a supportive bath pillow.  This is the ultimate finishing touch to any pampering home spa experience in the bath.  You’ll be so comfortable and relaxed, just be careful you don’t fall asleep!