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Fabulous features for fun kids rooms

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Read on for how to create a fun kids bedroom with some fabulous unique and entertaining features!  As parents, we want the best for our kids in every way. We go out of our way to provide for them. We like them to have the best education, the best food, and even the best bedrooms. All the better to ensure they thrive in their environment.

Of course, when it comes to bedrooms, it can be tricky knowing what to do. How can you create a room they'll never want to leave? It’s no good asking them because most kids have no idea of what works when it comes to decor. So, if you want serious suggestions, you’ll avoid even asking them.

Instead, this is all down to you. No pressure, but bedroom design like this is pretty crucial. This is the first place your kids will call their own. A decent room can have a formative impact on how secure, or creative they feel. So, it’s worth thinking outside the box here. A fantastic way to do that is to incorporate a feature which sets their room apart. And, we’re going to look at a few which would work well.

A chalkboard wall

In truth, chalkboard walls have been around for a while now. But, they’re still worth your consideration. By stocking up on chalkboard paint, you can create a feature which provides hours of fun. Invest in some chunky chalks, and you can let your kid run riot. Finally, they can draw on the walls without worry. Just make sure they know that this is a special wall. Otherwise, you’ll end up with chalked walls all over the house!

Obviously, little ones will only be able to reach so high, and a plain black wall isn’t exactly inspiring. To get around this issue, it may be worth doing some drawings of your own where your child can’t reach. Or, you could get an artistically gifted friend to draw their favourite characters.  Or opt for shapes of chalk they can reach, instead of an entire wall.

A stained glass window

There’s something magical about stained glass windows, and kids appreciate that more than most. So, calling on window fitters could be your best bet. In keeping with this being your child’s space, you could even work together to design the window itself.

Let them play around with colour, and then look into getting a glass panel with their design. The chances are that they’ll spend hours looking at this beauty. Their friends will be so impressed too!

A canopy ceiling

A canopy ceiling would be another fantastic idea. We all know that kids love dens, and make them any chance they get. So, why not create a den out of their bedroom? This is easy enough to achieve. Just invest in some cheap net cloth, and drape sections from the centre of their room. This will work especially well for girls, who’ll feel like fairy princesses. To increase this impression, you could even opt for pink fabrics, instead of white. You could even keep the theme going by placing scatter pillows on the floor.

Things to think about when designing a fun kids room

A fun kids room should be a combination of colours and textures. Kids love to feel the texture on their hands, feet and other body parts. They also enjoy playing with soft textures like silk, velvets or cotton.

It should also have plenty of space for them to run around in and be active. A play area can be created by using a rug or a piece of furniture that is not too large which they can use to play their favourite games.

Some architects believe that children’s rooms should not be too childish because it could limit their creativity and imagination as they grow up. They recommend designing spaces where kids can play, relax, and dream without boundaries.