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How a healthier lifestyle in 2018 could affect your hair

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As the New Year is quickly approaching, many of us are thinking about the resolutions and changes we want to make for the year ahead. Whether you’re thinking about giving up a vice, losing weight or travelling more, the new year is the perfect time to set intentions and make changes.

The hair experts at Crown Clinic have been thinking about the simple lifestyle changes you can make so that 2018 is your best hair year yet! Take a look at their top tips for how a healthier lifestyle in 2018 could affect your hair.

Reduce stress

Stress impacts us all at one time or another, and can have an impact on all aspects of our health. Your hair is no exception to this, and for many people, their hair can be particularly susceptible to stress.

If you’ve gone through a period of intense stress, you may find your hair beginning to thin, or even a grey hair or two emerging. Although it’s impossible to remove stress from our lives completely, you can manage your stress levels with techniques such as mindfulness, meditation and gentle exercise.

Change your diet

We all know the importance of having a healthy, balanced diet to stay on top form. Your diet is also really important to maintain a full head of hair.

It’s key to make sure you’re eating a wide range of healthy foods, to ensure your hair gets all the vitamins and minerals it needs. Restrictive diets may negatively impact your hair health, and eating a diet that lacks iron may result in conditions that cause hair loss. As well as eating a balanced diet, make sure to stay hydrated for glossy, healthy hair.

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Get enough sleep

Sleep is incredibly important for health in general, and all of us should be aiming to get between six and nine hours each night. Whilst we sleep, our bodies restore themselves, healing from the activities of the day and preparing for anything that may come your way. This healing and restoration is important for hair health too, and you’ll find that the more sleep you get, the better your locks will look.

Exercise regularly

Not only is exercise a great way to unwind and de-stress, it’s also great for your hair too. Cardiovascular exercise, such as running, helps to build your heart health, and increase blood flow to all areas of your body. This increased blood flow helps to carry oxygen and nutrients to your scalp, giving your hair a boost.

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These simple tips will help you not only to feel a little healthier in 2018, but will help to perk up your hair too, for luscious locks for years to come!