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How to create an outdoor living space that’s better than inside

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“Hang on a minute; why on Earth would I want an outdoor living space in the middle of winter?” The truth is that the December in Britain is not a great time of year to be outside. The odds are high that you would rather be wrapped up by the fire, and that is understandable. But, outdoor living spaces don’t have to be freezing cold or uncomfortable. In fact, the very best is a mixture of elegance, luxury and comfort all rolled into one. Plus, being outside tends to break up the monotony of winter.

These are the tricks of the trade to consider if you are interested.

Shelter From The Elements

From rain to snow, sleet and gale-force winds, the UK gets it all at wintertime. To be outside then, you have to cover yourself from the weather. Otherwise, you’ll get drenched and end up with an almighty cold. A roof is without a doubt essential, but which one is a personal choice. Rustic homeowners can opt for a wood ceiling with central beams for support. Thanks to the texture, it feels cosier and less modern. Contemporary property owners should try a glass roof as the lines are sharp and the material more up to date.

Fire It Up

When the mercury drops, you need to maintain your body temperature. Nowadays, all good hardware shops sell space heaters which are stylish and practical. Modern houses can even buy the tall heaters that are chic and take up space that is hard to use. But, a true outdoor living space wouldn’t be complete without a log burner. 

Create A Focal Point

Indoors, there is always a central piece which catches the eye and dominates the room. An obvious yet basic example is a television. Not only do your eyes gravitate towards it, but the furniture points in its direction. A living space needs a similar focal point, and maybe a pond or a water feature. Then, you can add luxury furniture to offset the style. If a pool is too much hard work, you can plant a tree. In time, trees grow to great heights and are very conspicuous.

Think About Privacy

One minute you are relaxing and the next someone walks by and ruins your peace and quiet. It’s a free world, but privacy goes a long way, especially in your own home. Because an outdoor living space is open by nature, there may not be blockages that restrict people’s view. However, you can add them quite easily by planting shrubs and hedges. Or, you can use bulky appliances such as a fridge to act as a blocker. A final option is to put up a retractable screen or install curtains.