Megahome water distiller review: why I drink distilled water

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Welcome to my Megahome water distiller review.  Read on to learn about my decision to switch my family to distilled water from the beginning when we made the switch in January 2018, and see how we're getting on after almost five years in September 2022 in the update at the end.

Megahome water distiller review

Posted in January 2018 and updated in 2022 at the end.  Are we still drinking distilled water almost 5 years on?

Questioning the health of tap water

I’m always on a mission to try and be the healthiest I can be.  Over the past few years I’ve cut out meat, dairy, refined sugar, smoking and alcohol.  I feel a gazillion times better for it all, more mentally and emotionally stable and I very rarely get ill or even catch a cold. 

I’ve literally been ill once in the past 12 months catching some achey thing the kids and Ben had along with a migraine.  Other than this I’ve avoided all colds and any other illness that has been going around.  I totally put it down to eating the most healthiest foods daily, not eating any junk and staying active (I go to the gym/classes five times per week).

The one thing I had been putting off sorting out was our water.  I’ve always questioned the safety and purity of our water at home.   You can see the struggle I had with our hard water when I tried to do water only hair washing:

7 weeks washing my hair with water only

Why I stopped water only hair washing after 11 weeks

It built up the most disgusting residue in my hair.   It’s hard water and it often smells like wet dog or has some weird odour which puts me off drinking it!

We’d looked a little into getting some sort of water filter on the entire house where the water comes in, but had never got round to it.  It's also really costly for an entire home water filter.

Another option was to get a water filter in the kitchen to make our own water and I don't know why we didn't.  We were just being a bit lazy and buying bottled mineral water from the shops.

Not only is this expensive, but it creates a load of plastic waste, so although it’s better for our bodies than tap water, it’s not great for the environment to keep producing and recycling single-use plastic.  

We knew we needed to do something and had been discussing a water filter in the kitchen when my brother-in-law's girlfriend told me about distilled water.  I read a few websites she shared with me and watched some videos and I was intrigued.

water distiller

Why drinking distilled water makes sense

I spent the rest of the evening and next day researching distilled water and it just makes sense.  I can’t believe I’d never questioned the type of minerals in mineral water before!

I don’t take synthetic or metallic minerals and always make sure my vitamin and mineral supplements are from plant sources, yet I’d never thought that the minerals in my water are dissolved rocks and therefore metallic.


So the next day I ordered a Megahome water distiller to make my own distilled water at home; pure H2O.

water distiller

What's in your tap water?

I was also shocked after watching people on YouTube measure the amount of dissolved substances in their tap water.  One reading was 460!  That’s 460 different dissolved substances in their tap water!

That’s chemicals they add to the drinking water along with disoolved fertilisers, pesticides, medicines, organisms, inorganic minerals, dirt and more!


I’ve just ordered myself a TDS meter which measures the total dissolved solids in water.  I’m going to test our tap water, bottled mineral water and our home distilled water when it arrives.  I’m hoping for good results from our distiller as distilled water should not have any dissolved substances.  But I’m intrigued to see how much dirt our tap water has in it.

(Update - our tap water had around 200 ppm and the distilled water reading was 2!)

If you want to measure your tap water, you can buy a TDS meter pretty cheap:

It’s no surprise though.

Where do you think everything in the environment goes?  Those medicines you take, the pesticides sprayed onto crops, the drugs people consume…

It all ends up in our water and no matter how hard they try to remove it all, trace amounts remain and then we consume it.


And if you don’t believe me, get a water distiller and see for yourself.  Here's the water distiller we ordered if you prefer to shop on Amazon:


After distilling our first lot of water, around four litres, I was disgusted at what was left in the chamber; gross dark brown residue!  Dirt and other dangerous substances that I would have swallowed had I drank the water directly from the tap!

It might not look like much, but when we’re consuming this all day long every day - surely it’s going to build up in our bodies and cause damage to our health over a period of time?

As our bodies are at least 70% water, we need to nourish it with the best water available!

How to make your own distilled water

Megahome Water Distiller Review

I ordered a Megahome water distiller pretty quickly after discovering all this and so far I’ve been distilling our water at home for five days.

Firstly, it tastes amazing!

It’s SO much tastier than the water from our taps and it’s even tastier than the mineral water we were buying.

Some people say it tastes of nothing, but I love it.  It tastes clean and pure.

Mega Home Water Distiller Review Why I’m Drinking Distilled Water

The distiller was £155.  They can be cheaper, but I chose to have a glass bottle with it instead of the cheaper plastic bottle.  There is a cheaper brand available too, but I watched some comparison reviews and the Megahome distiller removed the most substances from the water in a test.

Here's where you can buy a Megahome distiller and find out more about the one I bought.

How to use your Megahome water distiller

It’s super easy to use.  Just fill the chamber with water from the tap to the fill line, put the top on, plug in and off you go.  Obviously make sure you have the jug in position. 

It also comes with carbon filters to put in the spout to remove odours and I’m sure I read somewhere it gives a nice taste.

water distiller

Fingers crossed for excellent health!

I’m hoping it will clear my skin and make me feel amazing.  Some sources say you do have to drink a gallon (four litres) a day for the most amazing effects, and I’ve probably had 2-3 litres a day, so I need to up my game.

But it’s so satisfying knowing I’m not consuming all the dirt that’s left in the distiller at the end.  Once you see it, you'll never want it in your body again!

To store it I’ve bought some large glass bottles and dispensers from The Range:

Mega Home Water Distiller Review Why I’m Drinking Distilled

How to store water Mega Home Water Distiller Review Why I’m Drinking Disti

How to clean the Megahome water distiller

The distiller is so easy to clean.  I’ve been cleaning it in-between each use so far and not letting the gross brown stuff build up.  I simply swill it out after use to prevent any build up.

I watched a YouTube video of a guy cleaning his the other day and it was thick with brown all over it and disgusting.  He’d left it for months, eeeew.  He managed to get it all off with white vinegar, so that’s a good trick for cleaning it.

I’d rather keep on top of it and clean as I use it.

The distiller comes with some cleaning powder too which can be boiled in the distiller, with the lid off, to easily lift out any hardened residue every now and then for a deep clean.

Don't believe everything you read about distilled water

There are some scary articles about distilled water at the top of Google when you start researching, but look a little further than those and read as much as possible before making up your own mind.

There are plenty of people who have been drinking this water for years and they are perfectly fine.  I just can’t believe that people argue pure water is bad and polluted tap water is good.  It doesn't make sense.

water distiller

May 2020 update!  Drinking distilled water for two years!

It's now May 2020 and I'm back editing this blog post to let you know we are still using our Megahome distiller every day!  It's amazing it has lasted this long and still works perfectly as we are a family of four and use it daily.  We use it up to three times a day!

Drinking distilled water for two years

We all use it as our drinking water every day.  It's become a habit and something we do on autopilot each morning and again later on in the day.

Other water really tastes disgusting in comparison now.  I'm so used to the lovely clean taste of the distilled water.

We're all perfectly healthy and haven't dropped dead as some online articles would have you believe.  We've also been vegan for the same amount of time and eat really well most of the time!

We use it as our water drink, but we do have some plant based milk each day which obviously doesn't contain distilled water, so I'm not sure the type of water they use.  So we're not 100% distilled water without consuming any other type of liquid at all.

I'd say I drink the most distilled water as I only have a splash of plant based milk in a coffee and I only drink green tea otherwise.  We use distilled water in our kettle so our hot drinks have it too!

As an experiement, I bought a new kettle when we got the distiller and it's still as good as new, two years later! It looks new and the metal spout is perfect. Our old kettles would get clogged up with limescale from the tap water and go really gross!  

Distilled water is a part of our life now and I'm sure it's a lot better for our health as a family.  My skin is clearer than its ever been which I put down to a plant based diet and distilled water.  I still never get ill, like iterally not at all since I originally wrote this blog post in Jan 2018!  Amazing!

Find the Megahome distiller I purchased at

water distiller

September 2022 update

It's been a long time, but I'm just popping back to say we are still using the distiller.  We love the clean taste of the water and use it as drinking water every day. 

We have since moved to Cornwall and the water must be a lot softer here as there is a lot less residue in the distiller after using it, a lot less.

Just this week we had a guest who hadn't tried our distilled water before and they were very impressed with how clean and pure it tastes. 

No plans to stop using the distiller and very happy with Megahome distillers.

We recommend buying your distiller from Megahome by clicking here.

Or you can buy on Amazon here.

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