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Valentine’s gift ideas for her with a twist

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With less than a month to go until Valentine’s Day, the loved up of us will be hunting far and wide for the perfect Valentine’s gift for our other half.  If you’re bored of the same of chocolates, flowers and perfume, then why not try to mix it up a little this year and choose her a Valentine’s gift with a twist.

Here are some modern takes on the classic Valentine’s gift to inspire you:


Along with flowers, this is probably the most expected gift: a box of Valentine’s chocolates.  But why not make yours more special by adding a personalised message to the chocolate itself?  There are also several online companies who can create a name or message out of the chocolate itself.  This really turns a standard gift into something extra special with a little more imagination.  You can even have the box itself personalised online at Thorntons.


If you’re one of those guys who hates giving flowers because they don’t last, then think again.  There are now online florists that specialise in ‘forever flowers’.  These are real flowers that have been preserved in oils so they last at least one year.  You’ll also save on having to buy fresh flowers each week (if that’s her thing) as this bunch will last a good 52 weeks.


Before you think buying her a bottle of her favourite perfume can’t get much more imaginative, you’re wrong.  For less than £100 you can let your other half create their own perfume scent.  Companies such as The Perfume Studio send a box with a complete set of fragrance accords, allowing you to create your own bottle of tailor made perfume.  The bottles can even be personalised.  Their sets allow you to create your own signature scent in the comfort of your own home.


Gone are the days of giving a picture of the two of you together in a nice frame, however lovely that may be.  Now you can get creative with the pics of the two of you and have them printed on literally anything from cushions, to phone covers, to chopping boards.  Instead of a framed photo, why not create a photo book of your very own love story?


With the likes of Etsy and NOTHS you can find unique handmade ethical jewellery in a flash.  These handmade pieces are so much more sentimental than buying readymade jewellery from the usual culprits.  Many of the creators offer custom designs too.

So before you stop off at the petrol station to grab a box of chocs and bunch of roses, use a little imagination and forward planning to give her a customised thoughtful gift instead this year.