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4 indoor keep-fit activities the whole family can enjoy

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I’ll be honest, I’m pretty sick to death of this cold weather.  I am not a winter person.  It makes me miserable.  I get cabin fever stuck indoors and crave being outdoors.  But I can’t go outdoors as I really detest the cold.  It makes me sniff instantly and my hands sting and dry up.  I miss long summer walks and venturing up picturesque hills.  At this point in the year the winter seems far too long and the countdown to summer begins.  One thing that does get me through the winter and cheer me up is staying active, even if it has to be indoors.

Luckily there are lots of indoor activities to keep the whole family fit and healthy during the winter months, as well as have a lot of fun!  Here are four great indoor activities you should try out with the kids too:


One thing I’m yet to try is an indoor ski slope.  They look like the perfect place for the family to learn to ski or snowboard and also to have a little fun at the same time – have you heard of tubing?  It’s basically where you slide down the slope in a giant inflatable ‘doughnut’ ring.  Not exactly exercise, but it sounds exhilarating!  Some indoor slopes even have snow parks with slides made out of ice.  If you’ve never skied before then see if your local centre offers taster lessons for beginners.


Some of our friends have been attending a climbing centre with their three year old son and he absolutely loves it.  It’s another great indoor activity for all ages.  I climbed a few times as an older child and remember really enjoying myself.  Not only does climbing improve your agility, strength and fitness levels, but it also improves coordination giving your mind a workout too!


Swimming is one of our easy go-to keep fit as a family activities and we usually visit a pool on a weekly basis. With two kids in tow, me and my husband can take it in turns to watch them whilst the other gets a couple of laps in.  Whilst playing with the kids we tread the water or cycle our legs.  Just keep moving in the water and the resistance of the water will help you exercise.  To make it fun for the kids take floats and pool toys to play games with.


That’s right, it’s not just for kids!  Trampolining has a whole load of benefits for the body.  It is great exercise!  Trampoline parks seem to be on the rise so I’m sure you can find an indoor park local to you that the whole family can enjoy.  Ours even has dedicated toddler sessions so all ages can experience the fun.

Hopefully this will inspire you to find a local indoor activity centre this winter and have some keep-fit fun!