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Why joining a gym with a crèche has benefited our family

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On October 1st last year we joined a premium gym.  It wasn’t a decision we made lightly and we thought about it for an entire month, having visited the premises for a tour at the start of September.  We knew joining was a big financial commitment.  We joined David Lloyd and it’s a 12 month contract.  After the 12 months if we want to leave we have to give three months notice!  That’s quite a lot. 

The gyms I was a member of pre-kids had much more flexible terms.  I could leave whenever I liked with just one month notice.  They were also much cheaper.  From a financial point of view this is much more appealing, but as we now have children we had to find a gym with a crèche facility that was nearby.  Luckily we have a David Lloyd only a 5 minute drive from our home or 20 minute walk.  As soon as I discovered it had a crèche we went to view it.  Then after a month of debating the financial commitment and whether we’d really go or just waste the money, we decided to take the leap and join.

I’m no stranger to the gym and always went pre-kids.  I’ve also stayed pretty active since having kids with one hour walks daily when the weather is warm and regular street running (well at least once per week) and doing at home fitness videos on YouTube.  But as the winter was creeping in I knew I wanted to get active indoors and use some equipment as well as go to classes.  I can’t stand the cold and the thought of spending long outdoors in icey temperatures did not appeal.

Luckily joining a premium gym has been a really great decision.  I have gone more than 5 times per week to use the facilities and I love it.  I do four classes a week, aqua and Clubbercise, then I use the gym to run 4-10k on a Saturday morning and use some of the weight machines.  Ben goes 2-3 times a week to swim, use the gym and the weights.  We put the kids into the crèche 1-2 times a week so we can all go together.

Here are the reasons why joining a gym with a crèche has benefited our family:

Quality time together

We’d not considered joining a gym before as we thought we’d never see each other.  This is because one of us would have to stay with the kids.  A gym with a crèche solves this problem and means me and Ben can go to the gym together as a couple or relax in the spa together with our kids nearby being well looked after.

Up our fitness levels

The best thing is it’s keeping us active, even in the dreaded winter months.  We have religiously gone to the gym every week since joining and have kept our fitness up throughout winter.  As we can go together we can encourage each other to go.

An enjoyable hobby

Not only is it great to work out, but the classes teach me something new – a hobby that keeps me fit!  I love yoga and do it at home, but now I can choose to do it at the gym.  With long opening hours there is always a class to try and a new hobby to discover.

Always somewhere to go

We always have somewhere to go even if we’re skint.  With a large lounge and kids play areas, the kids are entertained and we can pop along for a hot drink and to relax.  They have a café and bar so we can pop to socialise or for a break from the house whenever we like.  We never have to be bored, even if money is low for a month.

Builds confidence

Not only will it build confidence in me and Ben for feeling fitter and healthier, plus trying new things, but it will for the kids too.  They will interact with different children, adults and ages in the crèche.  Bella used to be so shy in new situations and I’m certain going to the crèche has helped boost her confidence.

Happier and healthier

The healthier we are the happier we are, they go hand in hand. Me and Ben have also avoided any colds or flus this winter which I’m sure is thanks to getting fitter and eating well.

Inspiring our children to be active

I hope we can inspire our children to be active.  After all, we can’t expect them to be fit and healthy if we are not setting an example for them.  We can all use the swimming pool so we are able to take them swimming regularly and exercise as a family.

Fun for the kids

It’s also fun for the children.  They can go in the crèche for up to two hours at a time, though we usually just book the one.  They get to play with other children and try new activities each week.  It’s somewhere fun for them to hang out and make new friends.

Final word

It is a bit of a financial commitment (£150 for all four of us per month), but I think for what we get and how much we go it is totally worth it.  It would cost me £20+ per week just to do the classes elsewhere.  One thing I didn’t mention is I can also work in the business lounge using their WiFi so it gives me a break from the house as a work at home parent!  If you want to get fit and can commit to going regularly then I’d highly recommend checking out any local health clubs with crèche facilities.  It could be one of the best decisions you make.