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Creating a happier and healthier version of yourself

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Obviously, when it comes to the matter of being happier and healthier, that’s something we all want. Achieving that goal, however, is another story altogether. You can’t just snap your fingers to make yourself happier. Additionally, you can’t always find the time for healthy living when you have a demanding lifestyle that involves you working for the majority of the day and collapsing in an exhausted heap at home once you’re done. There just aren’t enough hours in the week, month, or year to do everything that you want to do.

So, how do you prioritise a better lifestyle?

Creating a happier and healthier version of yourself


If you want to create a happier and healthier version of yourself then you need to approach this new and improved lifestyle with the right mindset. Rather than asking yourself whether you can squeeze a 3-hour gym session into your overbooked day, you need to ask yourself which aspects of your daily routine you could change or improve in order to make healthy living a natural and regular part of your schedule. If you’re looking for a way to improve your lifestyle then here’s some advice that will help you get closer to achieving your goal of being a healthier and happier person.

Consider changing your diet

Diet is crucial to your health and happiness. The food we eat has such a huge effect on our bodies. It’s about more than staving off hunger pains; it’s about providing sustenance and energy for both your body and mind. It’s our guts that control our brains, in many senses. If you regularly eat junk food then you’re not just running the risk of becoming obese and developing heart problems, along with other physical health issues, but you’re also going to negatively affect your mental state. Depression, anxiety, and stress can all be linked back to a poor diet. So if you want to not only maintain a healthy weight but a happier mind then you need to take greater care when it comes to the things you eat.

You could consider eating more vegan meals if you’re unsure as to what dietary changes you should make. Cutting out some processed red meat in your diet can reduce the risk of cancer and diabetes.  Dairy is also linked to many health issues.  Just replace the meat with plant-based foods that are high in protein and all the other vitamins and minerals your body needs.  Going plant-based is really good for your health and you'll get everything you need from a vegan diet. The point is that you need to think about what you’re putting in your body. Get all the carbohydrates, calcium, protein, iron, and other vitamins you need; don’t starve your body of calories or carbs because that will do more harm than good. Skinniness isn’t the epitome of good health. Keeping your body in balance is the key to good health.  You can even have your meals delivered if you use something like OPTAVIA - Scientifically-developed weight loss and health programs sent to your door!

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Remember that regular physical activity is crucial

Whilst you don’t have to run marathons or become a bodybuilder, exercise is important for everyone. It doesn’t matter how old, how young, how fit, or how unfit you may be; staying physically active does more than keep you in a healthy shape. Keeping your body moving will ensure that you avoid high blood pressure or even heart disease in the future. Additionally, it can help to improve your mental state by reducing anxiety or even depression. There are so many benefits to regular physical activity. If you’re a busy person then you could set yourself the task of parking your car a little further from work and then walking the rest of the way. You could even go for a quick 10-minute jog when you get home; doing that every day will make a huge difference to your health.

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Help others

If you really want to be happier and healthier then you should help others. The best way to feel truly content with yourself is to act selflessly. Do something for people you don’t know, and you’ll know that you’ve acted in a way that made the world a better place. Every little act means something; that’s how we can truly make an impact. You could even look into studying an online course in healthcare administration and volunteering so as to learn about how you could get involved in a healthcare-based volunteering opportunity. There are so many different ways to get involved with volunteering, but you don’t even have to go directly to a charity. If you want to help people then take the initiative and do so. Take some notice of the homeless community and help out at a local shelter or perhaps even give warm clothing to people you see on the street; they’ll appreciate that on colder nights.

It’s not just about helping strangers too. Think about the people who are close to you in life. Your loved ones are important, and you should value them even if you know that your bond is unconditional. You should put people before things if you want to be happy in life. Being selfless is actually a better way of finding true happiness than being selfish. Spending time with your family and friends so as to strengthen your relationships is a win-win situation. You’ll be happier and they’ll be happier. The best way to improve your mental health is to maintain a good social life, don't isolate yourself.

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Work on your mental health

Of course, it’s important not to forget the importance of your own mind at the heart of your quest to be happier and healthier. As we’ve discussed throughout this article, working hard to be healthier and improving your relationships with others are both things that will improve your life, but you need to be a little selfish from time to time too. Take some time for yourself to work on your mental health. Relax in the bath and focus on your thoughts.

Meditation can help to bring some balance to your life.  Taking time for yourself to relax and refocus on the important things isn't really selfish, it's part of self care and is so important. Happiness and contentedness won’t just fall into your lap, but you can certainly chase it.

Learning to address your problems rather than burying your problems will make you a happier and healthier person. You need to learn to talk to yourself as well as talking to others.