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Unique and unusual hobby ideas for children

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Following on from my recent article finding your child a hobby they'll love, I wanted to explore some of the more unique and unusual hobby ideas for children. 

So I’ve been scouring the internet for inspiration of activities for kids that are not perceived as the norm. 

Don’t expect this list to include the usual activities such as street dance, ballet, football or gymnastics.  This list is for those parents who have grown tired of these ‘normal’ options and instead want to explore the more fascinating options out there!

Not only is this list great for unusual activities for children to master, but they’d also be suitable for us adults too.  Perhaps we can learn a new skill at the same time as our children!

If you’re trying to find a unique and unusual hobby that will set your child apart from the crowd, then here are some suggestions:


Golf is one of those sports you never expect to be interesting to kids - but it's actually the other way around! Not only that you'll teach them how to respect others, but also how to be patient and precise. Kids will love the idea if you present it in the amusing way, so one of the ways to teach them golf is to start with a toy - a plastic mini golf equipment, so they can practice at home. Don't overstimulate them with million details - just let them play and have fun. Let them swing it on their own, and later you can show them the proper way to swing the club. After that, you can take them to the actual course, and allow them to try. Encourage them if they don't make it right, it would mean a world to them. You can also organize a drive in a golf cart, I assure you they'll be over the moon with happiness and excitement. As they develop the interest in golfing, you can gradually buy more adequate equipment and sign them in a local golf club.


If your child is a water baby and loves to swim, then perhaps snorkelling lessons could be the next logical activity to master. 

This skill is perfect for family holidays too as they’ll be able to explore the sea and bring their hobby with them. 

Snorkelling is a great way to enjoy the water, explore, learn and exercise at the same time. 

All you need is a snorkel mask, snorkel and sometimes flippers. 

It can be the first step for younger children towards scuba diving which is suitable for older children.  Snorkelling is suitable for all ages of children who are confident in the water and able to swim, plus families can enjoy it together.  The BSAC (British Sub-Aqua Club) has centres across the UK that offer snorkel training.

Scuba Diving

Keeping with an underwater theme, the next step from learning to snorkel could be scuba diving for older children and teenagers.   

Younger children (age 8-9 years) can still take part, but these classes are often in indoor pools in much shallower depths as an introduction to the activity with a kid friendly Bubblemaker PADI course, for example. 

Children will have safety training, an introduction to the equipment and then get to play games such as underwater frisbee!

As for equipment, online retailer Simply Scuba provides all the latest gear for kids and adults alike, for both scuba diving and snorkelling.


Some companies offer special ‘dig camps’ where you and your child can become an archaeologist for the day. 

It’s not pretend either; you’ll actually be working on a real dig site discovering real pieces of history! Plus, although they won’t be able to keep everything they find because of various rules about this, there’s a chance they could find something they can take home with them and keep in a model display case for posterity. 

For 8-16 year olds check out the YAC (Young Archaeologists Club) if they’re a budding archaeologist to stay in the loop with meetups, digs and more local to you.


A quick Google search finds several bushcraft clubs and courses for children and adults alike. 

There are also numerous books about bushcraft so you can even learn many skills with your family by yourself. 

Becoming one with nature, learning how to use the natural resources available to you and fine tuning survival skills has to be one of the most rewarding, yet important ­­hobbies a child could have.

Rock Climbing

Rock climbing for kids is not only great exercise, but great fun too. 

Children can start from a pretty young age; our local climbing centre even has a section for toddlers to toddle about and climb tiny things! 

Kids will not only improve their strength physically, but it will give them a good mental workout too as they learn to improve coordination skills and problem solve.


How about a real life never-ending treasure hunt? 

Simply download the Geocaching app, pick the geocache you want to find and then locate it.  It’s a great way to bust boredom as you can take part in any place at any time. 

There are treasures to find in your town or explore a little further and find somewhere beautiful to explore. 

Looking on their website tells me there are 4025 geocaches near me!  

Once you find one you sign the log book, write any remarks online or on the app, leave a trinket if you like, and then move onto the next one. 

It’s a way to explore your local area, further afield and take part in a real live treasure hunt.


Most people wouldn’t associate yoga with children, but there are lots of classes and it seems to be gaining in popularity with baby yoga available too! 

Not only is it great exercise for your children, but calming too. 

Cosmic Kids is brilliant – you can access their videos at home to introduce your kids to yoga to see if they like it before committing to a class.

Circus skills

What kid (or adult) wouldn’t find joining a circus magical?  Now they can! 

A quick Google search of ‘circus skills for kids’ and your town should bring up clubs local to you.  I was surprised to find several near to me and they sound so fun. 

Your kids can learn juggling, trapeze, aerial silks, unicycling, balancing and hula-hooping.

Final word

Hopefully this blog post has given you the inspiration to think outside the box and perhaps consider a unique hobby or skill for your child to try.