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Trying a vegan lifestyle? 7 common issues and how to overcome them

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It’s always exciting to be on a new journey, and there's nothing quite as rewarding as adopting a vegan lifestyle! Aside from helping yourself, you’ll also be helping to alleviate the suffering of animals, and making the earth a greener place at the same time. That’s pretty great, right? Yet while there’s much to love about veganism, it’s also true that the lifestyle does carry with it some unavoidable issues. Below, we'll take a look at a few of these issues, and what you can do to ensure that they don’t derail your progress.

1. Forgetfulness

It’s easy to get a vegan lifestyle underway. After all, you’re excited! But keeping it going after the initial buzz has worn off? That’s a little bit more tricky. The problem many people have is that they forget why they took it up in the first place. If they watched a film like Food, Inc, then the reality of the animals used in their food will be fresh...but only for a while. As such, it’s a good idea to periodically remind yourself why you took up the lifestyle. Whatever the reason was, it’ll still apply one year and beyond down the line!

2. A Night On the Town

So, the weekend is about to come around, and you have grand plans to hit the town and celebrate being young and fabulous with your friends. The only issue, they want to go to dinner; and with this part of the plan, your life becomes a little bit more difficult. While many restaurants have vegan options available, in many the selection is hyper-limited! As such, you might want to conduct some research and find a place that offers delicious vegan and non-vegan food. None of your friends can complain as long as the food is good!

3. Branching Out

We’re all creatures of habit. Most people have three or four meals that they have a knack for making, and then eat them on repeat! When you turn vegan, you might have to wave goodbye to your tried and tested recipes. But this isn’t really a problem; it’s a good thing! Head to the supermarket and leave your usual grocery list at home. Wander the isles, and you’ll see that there’s plenty of weird and wonderful foods that you’ve never tried before. If you can get to an Asian restaurant, you’ll find there’s even more choice.

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4. Boost Your Mood

Our diets play a big role in how we feel. If we lack certain things our body needs, then we’re liable to feel “under the weather.” Alas, when we’re switching our diets, then we’ll have to wait for our minds and bodies to adjust. However, there are some vegan-friendly options that’ll keep the blues away. You can get vegan omega 3, which research has shown to give the mind a lift. Apples, coconuts, and chickpeas will also have a similar effect. So when you’re feeling down, get your intake, and you’ll be on your way to a happier state of mind.

5. In the Wardrobe

It’s not just on our plates where we’re making a shift. If you like to keep up with the latest trends, then it’s probable that you have at least one item that was made using animal products. Take leather boots, for example! What you do with these items is up to you. Do you continue to wear them, or donate them to a charity shop? There’s no clear answer. What is clear is that you’ll need to stop buying animal made clothing in the future. Fortunately, this should be as easy to do as it is to say.

6. Judgemental Friends

We can expect a backlash from some people who don’t know us when it comes to veganism. For various reasons, some people just don’t like vegans! But strangers aren’t the only ones you need to concern yourself with. Your friends might be the worst of the lot! They might only be joking, but it can cause something like anxiety if you’re always being mocked. The solution? Simply stand up for yourself, and explain why you’re doing it. If they can’t understand it, then it’s their problem.

7. Judgemental Inner Voice

Friends and strangers are bad enough, but what if you're too hard on yourself? No-one’s a perfect vegan. Everyone makes mistakes! If you slip up and have a bite of chocolate, then don’t crucify yourself. If you’re doing 90% of things right, then you’re doing very well by any standards. Treat yourself like a (good) friend!

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