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Seven top ecotourism destinations for 2018

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If you are already planning this year’s holidays, you might want to try something different, and visit one of the ecotourism destinations that allow you to connect with nature on a new level. A vacation by the Great Barrier Reef, or near the rainforest will help you teach your kids about the importance of preserving the ecosystems of the planet, and looking after their natural environment. Below you will find a few top destinations for ecotourism you should consider this year.  

  1. Rwanda

Monkey lovers can meet the gorillas in Rwanda. You should visit during the dry season, which is the summer, and book an eco-lodge near the Mountain Gorillas of Volcanoes National Park. Bear in mind that - as the government is trying to preserve the natural balance of the area, trekking permits are limited to 80 per day. If you would like to see the true biodiversity of the country, you might want to sign up for a guided tour at Akagera National Park. Rwanda is also called the “Land of Thousand Hills”, and is now safe for Western tourists, with several tour companies operating in the region.

  1. Sri Lanka

One of the best holiday destinations for nature lovers; Sri Lanka has stunning beaches, a great biodiversity, and several elephant sanctuaries you can visit. In the Yala National Park, you will find 30 leopards, as well as several other species and birds. If you would like to meet elephants up close and personal, you can book a tour at the Udawalawe National Park, only a few hours’ drive from Colombo, the capital of Sri Lanka. From jungle to mountains, there are plenty to see, and bird watchers can spot some rare species, too. If you are passionate about preservation and animals, you should visit Sri Lanka soon.

  1. Costa Rica

Costa Rica is famous for its volcanoes and rainforests. You can take a shower in the waterfall, and stay in an eco-lodge in any corner of the country. If you feel adventurous, you could also book a treetop hotel and stay in the canopy all night. Bear in mind that the Howler Monkeys tend to make a noise early in the morning, so you are not likely to sleep in until late.  Take a tour to the Arenal Volcano, and bike on the clear beaches. Check out the coral reefs, and eat delicious fruit freshly picked by locals.

  1. New Zealand

From whale watching on the South Island, to checking out the sunbathing seals on the North Island, New Zealand is full of surprises. Make sure you pay a visit to the kiwi on Kapiti Island, and hike the Tongariro National Park. The population of New Zealand is relatively small, and you will be able to find out more about the traditions of locals, and the way they are connected with the water surrounding the island, and the animals living in the area.

  1. East Timor

After separating from Indonesia, East Timor became a country in 2002. The natural beauty of the country is visible, and you can stay away from the crowds, as tourists have not yet discovered the location. You will find some of the best diving spots here, as well as a great biodiversity. If you sign up for a Bolsover cruise and stay holidays you can book a tour to the magical Jaco island, too.

  1. Uzbekistan

With a diverse biodiversity and plenty of cheap accommodation near the forests, Uzbekistan is a must-have destination. Local authorities and the national government focus on preserving the country’s biodiversity and improving ecotourism facilities. You will find cultural excursions and kayaking tours in all regions. There are plenty of natural parks to discover, and you can discover the unique landscape by hiring a bike or taking a horseback riding tour.

  1. Georgia

The relatively new country is less industrial than Western Europe, and is full of natural beauty. You will love the Tusheti National Park, with hidden remote villages, dating back a thousand years. Visiting Georgia can be an experience for life, and you can take a step back in life, and find trails that haven’t been walked on for a long time.

Final word

Nature lovers, bird watchers, and keen trekkers can find undiscovered and remote holiday destinations that will take them closer to animals and ecosystems than they have ever been before. Stay out of the city, and visit one of the above locations for an active holiday, fresh air, and undisturbed beauty. Hire a bike to take a tour on the beach, or sleep in the canopy layer of the rainforest to listen to the sound of nature and recharge your batteries.