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Some of the strange and weird things I’ve sold on eBay

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I’ve been using eBay as a buyer and seller for several years and it’s my go to place for shopping. I don’t know why, but I’ve always preferred it to Amazon and find it much easier to use. One thing I love is reading stories of the strangest things people have sold on eBay, so I thought I’d share mine. It always amazes me that I can sell literally ANYTHING on eBay. It’s sometimes kind of like a car boot where the good items never sell, but the stuff you think is junk sells instantly!

If you Google this you’ll even find people have sold grilled cheese sandwiches (say what?!), ghosts in jars (seriously?) and Brussels sprouts (just plain weird). People really do sell anything and even stranger, people really do but these things.

Here are some of the strangest items I’ve sold on eBay:

Stinky well-worn shoes

Yep, I pretty much sell all our used shoes on eBay, even those I think should go in the bin! Amazingly my used and well-worn shoes almost always sell first time on eBay. I don’t even usually clean them and just list them as ‘selling as is’.

Hotel lanyard

I recently stayed at a hotel and our room keys were on lanyards. On returning home I didn’t want or need the lanyard, but I felt bad about throwing it into landfill. I listed it on eBay not expecting a sale, but to my surprise it sold instantly.

Spare boot laces

A new pair of boots I bought came with a spare set of laces, but in a different colour I wasn’t going to use. You guessed it - straight to auction and a sale first time.


I’m a massive fan of decluttering and only having what I need. In this quest for a more minimalist and simple lifestyle I was sorting memory boxes in the attic and found some old postcards I bought as a youngster. Strangely enough they all sold on eBay.

Brownie sash

In my decluttering phase as mentioned I found my old brownie sash with a few badges on. I decided to try and sell it and it was another instant hit. Seems like these are quite popular on eBay.

Free streetwear magazines

I’d also kept a bunch of free streetwear magazines from s clothing store I used to work in. Surely no one would want FREE magazines? Wrong! Of course they did!

House prefect badge

And finally, the last I can think of right now is my small house prefect badge from senior school (after being a seller for so long there’s probably a ton more weird things I’ve sold). No doubt I was meant to return this before leaving school, or perhaps I even had to pay for it. Who knows, it was yonks ago. But my tiny purple prefect pin badge sold first time round!

Final word

As you can see, pretty much anything sells on eBay. Never ever throw your ‘junk’ into landfill. Always find it a new home through eBay, car boots or charity donations!