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Get perkier breasts with a breast lift

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It is a natural thing for a woman’s breasts to sag due to age, change in weight, genetics, and pregnancy. This can affect the breasts’ size, firmness, and projection. If not supported, such breasts can hang way below their folds, making the nipples point downward. 

A breast lift is also known as a mastopexy. It is an effective solution to sagging or uneven breasts that need to be corrected. A mastopexy works by raising and firming breasts through the removal of excess skin. Also, it tightens the surrounding tissue in order to reshape and support the breast firmly. It is possible for the areola to get enlarged over time. A breast lift can take care of this too. After a breast lift, the patient will have their projection restored, and the symmetry and shape of the breast enhanced.

One thing that patients should note is that mastopexy doesn’t help increase the breast size or make the upper part rounder. If you are looking for such results, go for breasts augmentation, which is sometimes done at the same time with mastopexy. Breast lifting will actually make your breasts look smaller than they were before, and some women have reported having lost a cup size after mastopexy.

Women go for plastic surgery for different reasons. A mastopexy can offer life-changing results by bringing back the youthfulness and shape desired by most women. The procedure will have a woman’s breasts perfectly positioned and pointed outwards, unlike with saggy ones that look droopy and stretched out. There are numerous breast lifts types that are meant to give different benefits according to the breast type.

Who Qualifies for Mastopexy?

To qualify as a viable candidate, you should:

• Be in good health and have healthy weight

• Be 18 years and over since the breasts continue to grow until a woman is 18 years old

• Not have any major medical problems

• Know everything about the operation and the involved risks

• Have nipples that are facing downward

• Not be breastfeeding

• Have sagging breasts that are adequately sized

Each type comes with its own benefits as discussed below.

Anchor Mastopexy

This is also referred to as full or the inverted T-Incision mastopexy. It is the most common type of breast lift especially for women with slight droopy and big breasts. The incision is usually made around the areola and down to the breast fold in line with the fold in the breast. Extra skin and tissue are removed, and the breast put in a new position to attain a youthful look. This type of mastopexy is very effective and gives a desirable result.

Crescent Breast Lift

This is also known as half-moon incision mastopexy. It is performed on women with mild breast sagging. Of all the techniques, this one is the least invasive. For a patient to benefit from it, she should have extra skin on the top side of her breast and not the lower one. The surgeon makes an incision that resembles a crescent moon on the top area of the areola. Any excess skin and tissue are then removed, and the breast stitched, making it look like it has been lifted.

Periareolar Mastopexy

This is commonly known as the doughnut or Benelli breast lift. It requires incisions around the areola. Once the extra skin is removed, the nipples are then put in a more upright position. This technique is not ideal for patients with extremely saggy breasts. It is perfect women with uneven nipples that look crooked. If the candidate has breast implants, this could be a great option.

Vertical Mastopexy

It is also referred to as a lollipop breast lift and involves a combination of a circumareolar and vertical incisions that go down towards the breast fold that resembles a lollipop. The procedure is ideal for women with bigger breasts that are mildly sagging. Usually, the unwanted tissue gets removed from either side of the vertical incision. To reduce drooping, the doctor creates a tighter skin pocket that should hold the remaining breast tissue.

The result is usually a round, youthful breast that looks more like a cone and less elongated in shape. The circular incision is meant to reposition the nipple upward to ensure it remains perfectly positioned on the newly shaped breast.

Why a Short-Scar Mastopexy is not always the Best Option

It is normal for any patient to prefer a procedure that leaves the shortest scar. However, it is crucial to undergo the correct tissue lift, considering the skin quality so that the patient can maintain the improvement for longer periods. When the surgeon applies a short-scar lift to breasts requiring extensive lifting, the result is awkward-shaped breast.

For example, if you have bigger or droopier breasts, getting a doughnut lift can leave you with flatter-looking breasts. This can also put stress on the areola, stretching it as time goes by to an unwanted size. A lollipop lift might offer more support than a doughnut one although it might get women with bigger breasts a more bottoming-out outcome. In such a situation, the breast tissue extends the lower half of the breast, making the glandular tissue to hang below the fold under the breast.

Mastopexy Recovery Time

Once the surgery is over, the doctor wraps a gauze bandage around the chest to act as a compression cloth. You might have drainage tubes paced into the breasts for a short time. The doctor will then put you in a recovery room, and once you are permitted to go home, the nurse will advise on how to take care of the drainage tubes, antibiotics, and any other relevant information regarding post-surgical care. You will also be informed of the possible symptoms to expect and any complications you could face.

The patient can go back to work after one week, depending on the extent of the procedure. However, if you had other procedures carried out like breast augmentation, it would be wise to rest for a few weeks before resuming your daily activities.

Final word

A breast lift can go a long way in helping you enhance the appearance of your chest, improve your self-esteem, and get back your youthful look. The results are usually visible instantly and long-lasting. If you are looking to have a breast lift in New York, consult Doctors Plastic Surgery. They are qualified doctors who specialize in breast lifts and augmentation. With their state-of-the-art-technology, patients are guaranteed desirable results from this team of exceptional plastic surgeons. They have offices in New York and Chicago.