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Sell your unwanted Books, CDs, DVDs and Games for cash at We Buy Books

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I’m always excited to find more ways to make cash easily from home and I’m always excited to declutter!  Ben has a stack of books in the attic that he’s kept from his uni days that I’ve finally managed to get him to part with.  After all, they’ve been in the attic the whole seven years we’ve been together and who knows how long before this.

I’m obsessed with living a clutter free life and can’t stand to have things lying around or in storage that aren’t being used.  I’d much rather things be of use and being used by someone than sat around doing nothing.

In this blog post I’m going to share how you can easily make cash from some of your unwanted belongings with very little effort on your part. And if you do find yourself not wanting to sell any of your precious dvds or music cd's you can always convert them to digital copies and discard the old versions to save space in your home.

I’d rather not throw things in the bin.  I can’t believe people do throw perfectly reusable items out into landfill, but I know they do, I’ve seen it!

There’s a skip down the road which is full of normal household items and toys that can easily be sold second hand on eBay or at a car boot to make extra cash, or given to charity.

It’s so upsetting that people nowadays think it’s acceptable to throw perfectly usable items into the bin and buried into our precious environment.

What a waste.  It’s also so inconsiderate.

There are plenty of ways to let your unwanted items be reused and I have just discovered a new way.

I’ve just learned about We Buy Books who turn unwanted books, CDs, DVDs and games into cash. 

Here are the reasons you should sign up and sell with We Buy Books today:

Fast cash to your bank account

No cheques or long waits for your money.  The payment is made the next day and straight into your bank account.  Plus, they check the going rates on other competitors websites to ensure they have the highest pay-outs on the web, though they do pay very low for books, but if you need the cash, you need the cash.

Free postage or collection

To make it even easier, you can print off the postage label and send your unwanted items back for free.  They may even collect them from your home.

Instant quotes

Simply go to the website and enter the bar codes of the items you don’t want, or download the app and scan them, for an instant quote for each item.  You can then choose to accept or decline the offer.

Easier than eBay?

With instant quotes and free postage it has many more benefits than eBay for selling books with their high fees, potential long waits for sales and PayPal fees on top.

Don’t get me wrong, I love selling on eBay, but I always struggle to sell textbooks and the like without long waits or minimal prices.  If you can’t be bothered with the hassle then We Buy Books is the clear winner.


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