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Fitness activities the whole family can enjoy

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Making time to exercise as a family is a great way to bond, spend quality time together and stay healthy.  It doesn’t have to be a bore either - there are plenty of keep fit activities that are great fun as well as good for you.

Teaching your children to be active from a young age can encourage a lifelong habit of sports and physical fitness, helping to safeguard their health for life and prevent diseases.  Children lead by example so there’s no better way to encourage exercise than by doing it together. 

No matter what ages your children are, it’s never too late to start and to find an activity the family can take part in together.

Here are several fitness activities the whole family can enjoy:


There are so many ways to incorporate walks into your weekly routine.  Try a post-dinner walk around the block or local countryside each evening.  Take it as a time to catch up on each other’s day whilst enjoying the views and fresh air.  At the weekends plan a longer walk up a hill, along a beach or through woodlands.  Make it a regular family event and choose different locations each week to keep it varied.  It’s free, easy and suitable for all ages.  For tots, check out the nearest Gruffalo trail to keep them entertained.


If Dad loves a round of golf, then why not set a date to all partake in a round?  It’s great exercise for your arms and there’s plenty of walking involved. You may wish to invest in some high quality golf equipment and shoes from a professional golf company such as Mizuno golf here.  If it’s a one off visit or your first time, then the golf club may be able to hire you all the accessories you need on the day.  For younger children search for mini golf courses and themed indoor golf centres which will provide plenty of fun.


Get your zen on and do yoga as a family!  Not only will it strengthen and tone your body, but it’s great for calming and relaxing the mind – perfect for kids and adults.  Find a class local to you that offers family yoga or alternatively have a search on YouTube for a free video.  The Cosmic Kids channel is brilliant for young children.  They’ll be yogis in no time!


Inline skating is a fun activity for children and adults alike.  Skate retailers such as sell roller blades from junior size 6 right through to adult size 12, so the whole family can enjoy this sport!  If you've never skated before then perhaps now is the time to learn with the kids!


Bikes are a more environmentally friendly way of travelling and great exercise too.  Try a family bike ride at the weekend or a family cycling holiday.  Search for family cycle trails in the forest as these will have a suitable terrain for children and all abilities.  It’s a great way to explore the outdoors whilst also getting some important exercise.  Take a picnic and plan a pit stop to really make a day of it.


Pop down to your nearest lido for some serious hot summer day fun.  There’s nothing like a dip in an outdoor pool to cool off a sweltering day.  Take floats, lilos and weighted toys to stay entertained in the pool all day long.  For older children and adults, try a beginners aqua aerobics class to keep fit and have a blast at the same time.  In the winter months why not join a local gym as a family to make use of an indoor pool as much as you like?


Climbing is great fun for all ages.  Many climbing centres have several walls suited to different ages and experience.  Check with your local centre as some even have mini walls and climbing apparatus for toddlers.

Horse Riding

Check online for local horse riding sessions for kids and adults alike.  Some horse riding schools offer special walks or tours, so it’s not just about signing up for lessons.  If you haven’t rode before, or it’s been a while, it may be best to book a family lesson to brush up on your skills before heading down the bridle paths.

Hopefully you can begin to see how easy it is to partake in fitness activities as an entire family and find something you all enjoy doing together.