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3 ways to keep your kids entertained on a family road trip

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Family vacations are often fun and exciting during the summertime. The kids are off from school and the adults are practically begging for a break from their day-to-day lives. This time of year is always special for parents and children alike.

There’s only one problem. You have to get everyone to your destination in one piece. And if you’re going on a road trip with your family, you need to keep your children entertained. Otherwise they’ll end up driving you and your significant other nuts the entire time.

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With that said, let’s look at some effective ways to keep your kids entertained while driving the highways and byways of America on a family road trip.

1. TV Shows and Movies Are Always a Big Hit with the Kids

At this point in time, the world is practically cluttered with screens of all types. Our smart phones make it possible to watch videos on the go. Tablets are easy to transport and perfect for kids to use to watch Netflix and other streaming services.

However you choose to go about it, make sure your kids have the opportunity to watch TV shows and movies while travelling the roads. This will obviously help occupy their time, keep them entertained, and if you have a playlist of their favourites, they’ll definitely be happy as well.

If your vehicle has a TV screen already in it, make sure to bring their favourite DVDs along for the ride. Otherwise make sure your tablets and other devices have the ability to stream their favourite content while on this trip. If you prepare, your kids will be completely entertained and you’ll never have to hear them ask the dreaded question every parent fears, “Are we there yet?"

2. Electronic Games Always Seem to Keep Kids Happy

You know it. We know it. The whole world seems to know it. Kids can’t seem to get enough of their favourite smartphone and tablet games. They can sit down in their own private space and play these games for hours on end.

Some of your kids may love to download their favourite games on their phones and tablets. Others may prefer pocket video game systems like the PSP Vita or the Nintendo 3DS.

Whatever your child’s favourite device happens to be, make sure you bring it along for this family road trip. And even more important, make sure your kids have a place to charge their devices in the car because if it runs out of battery power within the first hour of your trip, your child is going to be bored out of their mind and they’ll drive you crazy letting you know it.

3. Fun Filled Family Car Games Are Always a Hoot

Let’s face it. After a while your kids are going to get bored. They’ll be sick and tired of watching TV and their devices are eventually going to run out of juice and need to be recharged anyway.

In these situations, it’s time to get creative and start playing car games as a family. You may not realise this, but there are plenty of games for everyone to enjoy on your family road trip.

Some fun games to consider include License Plate Lingo, The Slug Bug Game, The Celebrity Game, The Quiet Game, Animal Spotting, Eye-Spy and many other options. Spend a few hours combing the internet to learn the rules of the games mentioned above. While you’re at it, look for other ideas as well. The options seem endless if you’re willing to put in the time and research to keep your kids happy and entertained on the road.

Final Thoughts

Families love taking vacations together during the warm summer months. Getting to your destination in peace is obviously the goal. Use the strategies shared today and you should have no trouble getting from your home to your destination and back again without experiencing too much bickering, arguing, and complaining along the way!