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My top 5 luxury travel destinations if money were no object

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Travel is perhaps one of my only regrets of my twenties.  Pre-kids and responsibilities I definitely should have explored the world.  I stupidly got into a lot of debt and spent the first half of my twenties paying it back.  If I could go back in time I’d not be a shopaholic and instead would live more frugally and save as much as possible to travel.  I also never had the travel bug, but now I’m in my thirties it’s definitely appeared.  It’s an itch that I really want to scratch!  I always tell my husband Ben that once the kids have moved out we will then begin to travel the world.

Even though funds are currently limited and we are restricted with extortionate school holiday only prices and two young children, we plan on exploring as much as possible until then.  We’ve even just bought a Mazda Bongo campervan so we can explore more of the UK in a much more affordable and with-nature manner.  But once more funds are saved or we’re loaded pensioners (we hope) we plan on visiting some exotic and exquisite far flung destinations.

Let’s imagine for a moment that money were no object and we can hire a private jet to escape to any part of the world we so desire.  Where would you go?  What would be on your bucket list?

Here are my top 5 luxury travel destinations if money were no object:

My top 5 luxury travel destinations if money were no object


Bora Bora

Bora Bora has been on my list of places to visit ever since an old friend visited there for around six weeks.  There seems to be no other place like it and her photos were enviously impressive.  It has a stunning turquoise blue lagoon with overwater bungalow accommodation that looks dreamy.  It’s the perfect honeymoon destination and seeing as Ben and I never had a honeymoon I think we’ll have a postponed one here one day.  It looks like a blissful oasis and I really can’t find words amazing enough to describe its beauty.

Greek Island Hopping

I would absolutely love to go Greek Island hopping and stay in some luxury boutique hotels along the way if backpacking, or alternatively stay aboard an indulgent cruise ship.  In my travels so far the Greek islands have had the most beautiful beaches and unbelievably turquoise waters, particularly at well-known Shipwreck Bay which is simply stunning.

Great Barrier Island

This looks like my dream destination to actually relocate to.  It only has around 900 inhabitants and is totally off grid, but still has a school, shop and even a pub!  Aside from daydreaming of living there I would like to visit one day.  It’s off New Zealand so could be visited for a few days from here.  A stay in Oruawharo Cottage which is located just 50 metres from a secluded beach is my idea of luxury to escape the rat race for a week or so.


This is another destination that has always appealed to me after seeing a friend’s photos.  I love the rocky and rugged islands with the crystal clear waters and golden sandy beaches. I’ve seen beachfront accommodation with private pools surrounded by palm trees which look like paradise!


Probably not dissimilar to Bora Bora and often compared.  Another place that looks like paradise with crystal clear warm waters and white sands.  Most of the worlds overwater villas can be found in the Maldives and many have glass bottomed floors to experience the rich underwater life that thrives in the pristine waters.  I can totally visualise my stay in a luxurious overwater hut with a jet ski parked up outside…

If money were no object these would be the first five destinations I would like to visit; aboard my private jet of course.


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My top 5 luxury travel destinations if money were no object