3 ways to create a feature wall in your home

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3 ways to create a feature wall in your home

Creative feature wall ideas

Creating a feature wall in a room in your home such as the living room or bedroom is a brilliant way to add interest to an otherwise neutral space. 

Whilst many of us love and opt for plain light colour palettes in our homes such as magnolia, cream or white, it can sometimes feel a little bland.  A feature wall allows the space to be broken up with colour, pattern or texture, and sometimes even all three. 

If it’s time to spruce up those walls, then grab a brush and get your design hat on, as I’m here to share with you three amazing creative ways you can create a dreamy feature wall in your home.

Here are three different ways to create an incredible feature wall in your home.

3 ways to create a feature wall in your home (1)

1. Bring the outside in

There’s something that I really love about a brick wall indoors.  Whilst it seems like it should be a reminder of the outdoors and elements that weather it, instead it gives me a warm fuzzy feeling, especially when you get rich orange bricks.  A feeling of cosiness and warmth.

I’m always drawn to a brick wall used in interior desgn.  It will catch my gaze and I can’t help but want an exposed brick wall in my home.  I’ve always wondered how it can be done without a naturally exposed brick wall, but the answer is by using brick slips tiles.  They will create a realistic looking wall on the inside or outside of your home.

I’d love painted white brick in my bedroom, bathroom and kitchen, but natural brick in the living room to create a contemporary cosy space.

if you have an industrial style apartment then natural exposed brick walls look amazing!

3 ways to create a feature wall in your home

2. Use wallpaper

Using patterned wallpaper to contrast plain walls is a great way to bring life and another dimension into a room.  Choose one feature wall to be the focus of the room and paper away.

You could even choose a bright coloured or textured paper.  A pop of colour against white walls could look incredible.

Choose a multi-coloured polka dot wall for the kids’ playroom, pink sparkle paper for a little princesses bedroom or bold monochrome stripes for your little pirate.  In the living room opt for an accent colour and match your textiles and trinkets to this.

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3. Paint a mural

If you’ve an artistic streak then create your own feature wall using paints.  We did this in our old home when my husband Ben painted a beautiful swirling tree mural on the nursery wall in Bella's bedroom.

My late mother-in-law was regularly commissioned to paint murals on walls, doors and even staircases in homes creating beautifully theatrical pieces that visitors would find astonishing.

Grab a paint brush and create your own design, or hire a professional local artist to work their wonders.

3 ways to create a feature wall in your home


If your walls are feeling a bit flat then bring them to life with a feature wall to be proud of!



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3 ways to create a feature wall in your home