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Finding the right commercial property for your small business

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Increasing numbers of people are starting to set up their own business. People tend to go about this in different ways. Some will start setting their business up around their employed position, only giving up their current job once things are up and running.  Others will want to progress much more quickly and will quit their employed position outright, dedicating all of their time and effort into getting things off the ground.

However, individuals taking both courses of action tend to have one thing in common: they start out from home.

Now, running your small business from home can be great to begin with... You save money on commercial property rental or a commercial property mortgage, and you don’t have to fork out extra cash for commercial energy bills.

However, as your business begins to grow and expand, you’ll probably find that you need to upgrade.

So, if you feel your business is currently at this point, here are a few pieces of advice that should help you to find the right commercial property for your small business!

Finding the ideal property to let

First things first, you need to find a basic space to use. Generally speaking, it’s best to rent rather than buy, especially when you are first starting out. After all, things may change in the relatively near future and you might find that you no longer want to pursue your career as an entrepreneur, or (hopefully) things will simply continue to improve, and you may need to upgrade again. 

The right size

The first thing that you should focus on when searching for a commercial property is ensuring that you are looking for the right size property. Anything too small will prove extremely limiting and uncomfortable for you, staff members, and customers. Anything too large, and you may find that your store looks empty. Generally speaking, opt for something slightly too big. This means that you can have space for a little expansion without worrying about wasting space.

The right location

Another major factor in finding the perfect commercial property is location. Location can determine how well your store is exposed to the public and can also influence the amount of footfall that is likely to pass in and out of your store. This is perhaps why high street properties are more expensive than other properties - you are likely to make more sales when you base yourself in them.

Weigh up whether potential increases in earnings make the extra rent payments worth it!

Final word 

Sure, upgrading from a home based business to a business that operates from a commercial property can be relatively daunting. But hopefully the above advice has helped to give you a couple of different areas to focus on that could help you to land the property of your dreams!