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EasySMX kids headphones review for travel and play

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Whether you love or hate kids using iPads, there’s no denying that they are here to stay.  Sure, kids are using technology from a much younger age nowadays, but it’s a sign of the times and in some ways it’s important they are fluent in their use of these devices.  They are growing up in an age where technology is becoming more important than ever and we depend on it for so much.  Imagine just how much more technology will have evolved by the time our children are adults.  There’s no doubt in my mind that most kids nowadays will need to have skills in technology that is far more advanced than our understanding of it ever has been or will be, by the time they are adults.  I’m sure the future world of jobs will rely heavily on those with the necessary computer skills.

EasySMX kids headphones review for travel and play boys

The digital era is also infiltrating schools.  As soon as Bella started school she was assigned homework that required the use of a computer or iPad!  A website/app was to be used to practice maths and another for reading.  Luckily she was already used to using an iPad which helped her quickly get used to using a laptop too.  I heard recently that my old senior school, which I left 15 years ago, is now a technological school where the pupils use iPads in lessons!  No pens and paper, except for exams!  I must admit, even I found that crazy, but it is a sign of the times.  If we want our children to keep up to speed with how things are changing then they do need access to this technology and be competent in using it.

I also think it’s just the games of today.  When I was younger we were on handheld electronic devices such as the Nintendo Game Boy!  I was never lucky enough to have one, but I remember having a handheld electronic Paperboy game.  I also often played on my SEGA Megadrive or Nintendo console.  My children don’t have these sorts of consoles, but they do have iPads.  We don’t let them have total free access to them just yet as they are only three years old and six years old.  But we do get them out every now and then so they can play their games.  They are also so useful to keep them entertained on long journeys or when they’d be bored and need to sit still – for example, when Reuben age three has to accompany me to Bella’s swimming lesson and sit nicely by the edge of the pool!  I’d be chasing him all over the place and hushing at him if it weren’t for the iPad!

So yes, we use iPads and I think they are great.  I don’t agree for children to be on them ALL the time, but as part of a balanced lifestyle as with anything.  A good mix of indoor, outdoor and electronic play.  The best of all worlds.  Plus, they really are a lifesaver when travelling aren’t they?!

Earlier this year we went on our first family package holiday abroad to Fuerteventura.  I’m not usually one for buying anything at the airport, but Ben fancied a look in the electronics shop and I spied some headphones for the kids.  I realised these would be amazing on the plane and we bought them a pair each.  They were the best thing we bought the kids for travelling as they were able to have the sound on their devices without disturbing other passengers and were totally entertained for the four hour flight.

EasySMX comfortable kids headphones review

EasySMX kids headphones review for travel and play

I was recently contacted to see if we wanted to try the EasySMX comfortable kids headphones and I knew the kids would be ecstatic!  I didn’t tell them about them and just left them on the table one day for their return from school.  As I imagined they both were so excited as soon as they saw them with Bella exclaiming ‘Mummy I love them!  I love the hearts!  They’re pink, look Mummy!’  For first impressions and the look of them, they score a big tick!

Of course, the children immediately wanted their iPads to test them out and they were more than happy with the sound quality. 

‘Kids, do you like your new headphones, are they good?’

A resounding ‘YES!’ from both the kids with big smiles!

These headphones are definitely a hit in our home and the kids are super impressed.  They also have some great features that us parents will appreciate: ­­

  • The volume is limited at 80-85dB so the kids can’t turn them up too loud and damage their ears.
  • The ear pads can be removed for cleaning if they get mucky.
  • The headband is adjustable to grow with your child and fit different ages.  They are a great fit both on my three year old and six year old.
  • They have super soft and squidgy cushioning on the ear pads for ultimate comfort.
  • There’s an 18 month warranty for extra peace of mind.
  • Great value at only £14.99 to £15.99 per pair as I type this.
  • Lightweight design means they are not bulky or uncomfortable when wearing.
  • The headband twists so is hard for children to snap or break.
  • Best of all, they will keep the kids entertained and quiet if you need them to be!

Overall I think these are a great pair of headphones for children with responsible features such as volume limiting and the ability to twist the headphone band without breaking it.  They seem robust, but also comfortable to wear.  At less than £20 a pair they are great value too.  The kids love them!

They are currently available on Amazon by clicking here.