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Save time and money with Look After My Bills

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In May 2024 I noticed that Look After My Bills has closed down.  Here's a screenshot from the notice on their website:


Look after my bills closes down





Original article:


Do you remember to compare energy suppliers every year to get the best deal?  If yes, then bravo - you are making sure you save the most money every year.  If not, then you could be spending hundreds more than you need to! 

But even if you do check every year, isn’t it time-consuming?  Wouldn’t it be so much easier if someone did it for you each year to save you the time and hassle?

The unfortunate fact is that most people don’t bother to switch energy suppliers for cheaper deals.  Most people are paying way more than they need to. 

In 2018 only 18% of people switched their energy and around 57% of people are on an expensive standard variable tariff. 

Look After My Bills take the hassle out of switching energy suppliers

Let me introduce you to Look After My Bills.  LAMB is the new alternative to energy comparison websites.  They take the hassle out of comparing and switching energy suppliers by doing it all for you – every single year.  They're an auto-switching service that will switch you to the best deal.  Isn’t that amazing?

The company was launched as the two founders were frustrated by big companies taking advantage of everyday people with high energy prices.  Being a loyal customer in the energy world sadly doesn’t pay.  Staying faithful to an energy supplier, especially the big six, means you’re often put on an expensive tariff as they know you’ll often not bother to compare the market and change suppliers.  It’s cheeky isn’t it?

You may have already heard of LAMB as they were on Dragons’ Den where they scored a record investment and even had offers from every Dragon.  If it’s good enough for all of the Dragons, then it’s good enough for me!

Super speedy sign up

I’ve just signed up myself and the process was so straightforward.  It states it’s a two minute sign up and it really is.  Well, the longest part was me trying to locate my annual kWh per fuel on my existing statement.  It was right there in front of me and I couldn’t see it for love nor money! 

Make sure you’ve got that information handy so you can get an accurate comparison and you’re off.  The sign up could even take less than two minutes if you’re a whizz on the keyboard.

I entered a few details such as my annual usage, my current supplier and tariff, name, address and also that I’d only like renewable energy.

Save money for free

Now they’ll compare my tariff every single year for me at no cost.  They’ll simply take a commission from the energy supplier if I choose to switch. 

The best bit is they’ll check each year.  There’s no need for me to remember as they’ll remind me, as well as do a comparison for me.

If LAMB find an energy supplier that is £50 or more cheaper then they’ll begin the process to auto switch my energy supplier.

Do LAMB switch me automatically?

Here’s what they said to me when I asked if the customer has any say in the switch decision:

“We email customers when we are about to compare the market, then once we find a deal we switch automatically (this is so the deal doesn't vanish) then we email all the details over and you have 14 days to review/cancel. 

We only switch you when there is at least a £50 saving.  On average people save £251 and some people have even saved £400.

We only work with suppliers who meet our customer service standards and we keep the service free for customers by getting a flat rate payment from the suppliers. We're completely impartial and we're working with all the suppliers that we want to!”

It’s a no brainer

I can’t find any reason why you wouldn’t want to sign up to Look After My Bills.  They’ll do the comparison for you every year and let you know if they find a deal that’ll save you at least £50 a year.  You then have 14 days to review the new supplier and tariff and can choose to cancel the switch if it’s not right for you.