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Save your health and your finances by considering the switch to a vape

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More and more people are now switching to a vape, with the number of smokers in Britain continuing to decline. Using e-cigs is far less harmful to individual health than inhaling smoke from incendiary tobacco such as that found in cigarettes. This is because e-cigs contain far fewer toxins.  If you’re an avid reader of my blog then you’ll know how much I detest smoking.  It’s so destructive to your health, the health of those around you and also to your wallet!  There’s no need for anyone to smoke regular cigarettes now that vaping is an option.  It’s still costly, but if you have to smoke then it’s a no-brainer to choose the least toxic method for you and those you smoke around.

Data shows that in 2015, 2.3 million people were vaping in Britain, accounting for 4% of the population. An additional 4 million people said they had vaped in the past, while a further 2.6 million partake in vaping, but are not regular e-cig users. Of the 2.3 million people vaping, over half said they started to vape as a means to quit smoking, with 22% stating that they vaped as it was less harmful than smoking. 10% said they chose to vape as it proved cheaper than buying cigarettes.

Switching to a vape can not only be kinder on your purse strings, but can also have a positive effect on your health; both mental and physical.


Action on Smoking and Health suggest that, on average, a twenty-a-day smoker will spend as much as £3,000 per year on cigarettes. That figure works out at £250 per month. Consider the things you could spend that money on; a new car, renovating the house, a dream holiday. Vape pod kits are available at £46.49, and the majority of e-liquids retail from £3 to £6.99. You’re likely to spend an average of £45 on e-liquids a month, working out a saving of £205 - this equates to a saving of over £2,400 a year!

Physical health

Compared to traditional tobacco cigarettes, e-cigarettes have far more health benefits. Public Health England state that e-cigs are 95% less harmful than tobacco, therefore a wise choice for smokers looking to improve their health and fitness. Smoking can have a damaging effect on the capacity of your lungs, with the tar of cigarette smoke coating their insides, making air sacs less elastic. Smoking can also make your lungs congested as it produces phlegm. Because of this, even just smoking a few cigarettes a day can decrease your body’s ability to effectively synthesise oxygen.

As soon as a smoker does switch to a vape, their lungs will begin to repair themselves right away, and the tar accumulated from inhaling tobacco will be emitted from the body over time. This will allow the former smoker to feel an enhanced sense of wellbeing, and they will be able to endure higher-intensity activity for longer periods.

Mental health

As well as the physical benefits of switching to a vape, there is also a psychological benefit which can help boost your mental health. Many smokers experience intense withdrawal symptoms when they cut out cigarettes, however, these symptoms are reduced when switching to a vape. E-cigarettes are able to provide a nicotine intake – free the harmful toxins of tobacco – while also avoiding the irritability, anxiety and depression associated with quitting smoking.

Final word

Moving to vaping from smoking regular cigarettes is going to be one of the best decisions you make in regards to improving your health and saving money.  There’s no need for anyone to be harming their health or spending a ridiculous amount of cash on something so damaging when there is now a much better alternative available.