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Two great benefits of an app for your business

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Two great benefits of an app for your business

Everyone's on their smartphone these days. Not only do they use them for messaging and phone calls, but for almost everything else you can think of.  They are now our maps, our books, our cameras, our newspapers, our weather report, our TV, our notebook, our banking, our emails, our work, our accounts, our calculators, our video cameras and so much more. 

There is so much that can be done on a smartphone.  They allow us to be connected to the online world wherever we are. We like to think we’re always connected to what’s going on in the big wide world, and having a 4G enabled piece of equipment in your pocket is usually the best way to do that.

This is why a lot of businesses are making their own apps - so people always have a portal to their website, and their services and products, downloaded to their phone. When a customer downloads your app they always have access to your business, right there in their pocket, and you can even send them notifications to remind them of it.

An app is another great way to market your brand and potentially increase business. So, if you’re wondering whether the development of an app for your business is worth it, here are a couple of reasons why it could be a great investment.

Two great benefits of an app for your business


You are always with your customers

If you’re downloaded to someone’s phone, you’re with them as much as their phone is - and that’s often a 24/7 cycle! You’ve got your app, shiny and new, sitting on their screen or tucked into a useful apps folder, and you never have to worry about getting beat out by the competition. Apps are chosen and downloaded by the user themselves. You’ll never have to worry you’re getting swept up and away in a social media profile dashboard, surrounded by your competitors.

You’ve just got to make sure your app is good enough to stay downloaded to a phone, and to never be deleted. You need to be relevant to the user, you need to have something to constantly offer, and you need to make an app that can be worked with. If they don't like push notifications, for example, make sure these can be turned off. That’ll earn some respect.

You’ll also be able to find new customers as your business app is now available on the app store which means you may get new customers finding you in the app store who would never have found you otherwise.  This should give you a great opportunity to reach a new customer base. 

Remind people you exist with push notifications

As we mentioned above, if you’re able to send push reminders about new products, seasonal promotions, or baskets full to the brim that haven’t yet gone through checkout, you can always be on a customer’s mind.  Of course anyone can choose to turn these off, but if you’re offering your customer’s something great via push notifications then they’ll keep them on.

You can be right there on their home screen, letting them know you’ve got something to offer them; it’s a very personal way to get involved in marketing. And often enough, it’s got longer legs than simple email marketing, but the two could go very well hand in hand.

And you won’t even have to do much of anything! Simply make your app, maybe with the help of someone like software development agency Xibis, craft out some well written statements you know are glitzy and glamorous enough to entice a person in, and then let your app servers do the rest of the work for you.


Your own business app is definitely something to consider.  It could bring great value to your existing customer base and even make your business more accessible to new customers.


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