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5 tips to overcome writer’s block when blogging

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Sitting there, staring at a computer screen.  Fingers poised above the keyboard and the words just don’t come.  There’s nothing in the brain for some reason.  Usually words just spill onto the page, but not today.  The first word, the first sentence, nothing.  Why isn’t my brain thinking of words to write?

Writer’s block. 

The two dreaded words for any creative whose job involves writing, including bloggers.  I was actually wondering if I should call it ‘blogger’s block’ in the title, but of course we bloggers are writers too, just a different type from an author of a book, but a writer non the less.  And being a writer means that on occasion the dreaded writer’s block hits. 

It happens and it’s perfectly normal.  Don’t fret.  You’re creative days aren’t over yet.  You just need a solution to overcome your writer’s block and get the creative juices flowing again. 

Read on to discover my top advice for how to beat writer’s block and to come up with new blog post ideas in the meantime.

5 tips to overcome writer’s block as a blogger:

1.     Take a break

There’s nothing worse than sitting at the keyboard and struggling to think of anything to write.  If you can’t get going then don’t force it.  You’ll only write something subpar that you are not going to be happy with.  Take a break.

Don’t feel bad for stepping away and taking some time for you.  Taking your mind off the task at home and rejuvenating it with other activities could be just what it needs.

As much as our bodies get tired physically, so do our brains mentally.  So a switch off could be the answer.

Do something else, housework, a walk, go to the gym, anything else that you enjoy and will stop you thinking about what to write.  Suddenly it might just pop into your head and you’ll be ready to go again! 

If not, and it can wait, then take a longer break and come back to it tomorrow.  Start a different project or follow the tips below to come up with some inspiration for a blog post.

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2.     Check in to the blogging community

If you can’t think of anything to write then that’s fine.  Firstly just remember that.  It’s fine to have a day or more where you simply can’t think of anything to write.  This is the perfect time to check in to the blogging community on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and wherever else you find blog posts to read or to interact with other bloggers.

By using Tailwind to share other bloggers content you’ll not only be supporting other bloggers, but I bet you’ll soon see a stack of blog post ideas that inspire you and before long you’ll be coming up with your own title ideas again. 

It could just be seeing that one word or one title that sparks something inside your brain and sets you off, back on the road to blogging!

It’s not about copying other bloggers, but getting involved in the community, seeing what others are writing about and inspiring one another with ideas, opinions and thoughts.

3.     Revise and republish old content

If you’ve been racking your brain for new content ideas and nothing is coming, then use what you already have!

Find an old blog post that already exists, but needs an update.  Revise it, bulk it out, add new research, even rewrite the whole thing to update it and make it more ‘you’ as you are now.

This is a great way to keep your existing blog posts up to date and relevant for your blog as well as a chance to update them with some more affiliate links from Awin to increase your passive income.  You can then republish it as if it’s a new blog post and market it again.  Get new eyes and new readers to the content.

4.     Use Google

If you know what topic you want to write about then search it on Google and see what other suggestions and questions come up.  This can act as a great writing prompt!  

Not only is this great for the SEO of your blog post as you know exactly what readers are looking for, but before you know it you will have a list of subheadings or questions that you simply need to fill in and answer and BOOM, you have a blog post!

You could also search for writing services such as paperhelp who can write an essay for you, or search for content writers if you have funds for your own content marketing, or even start accepting guest posts from other bloggers to keep the content flowing on your blog.

5.     Keep a list of blog post ideas

Ever think of a genius blog post idea when you’re out and about, but upon returning home you can’t remember it for the life of you? 

Don’t be that person!  Carry a notebook or write it down immediately on the notes section of your phone.

I have so many lists of blog post ideas for all of my blogs listed in the notes section of my phone.  I have enough content ideas to last a year and that’s not including the sporadic posts, like this one, that will just pop into my head or brand collaborations or sponsored posts that I’ll think of on the spot.

Start brainstorming blog post ideas and any time you think of one make sure you note it down right away to start your blog title ideas list so you never run out of inspiration!

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Final word

Before you know it I am sure your writer’s block will disappear and you’ll have a ton of blog title ideas yet again.  It’s totally normal to hit a block occasionally, especially if you write every single day!  No one expects you to be creative 24/7 and sometimes your mind just wants a break and a refresh.  Take that break and enjoy it or follow some of the tips above to see if you can banish the block.