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5 reasons why travel insurance won’t cover you

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With the travel industry thriving and more people making it their life goal to travel to different places around the world, travellers are now getting wiser. Many travellers are becoming savvier, preparing well for their trips and getting travel insurance. 

Many people now see the importance of taking out travel insurance, knowing that it can be a lifesaver.  Having travel insurance means that you can have a stress-free trip, with the assurance that you are covered and protected for unexpected situations. Travel insurance cover usually includes emergency medical expenses, flight cancellations or delays, baggage loss, or stolen baggage.

There are still many travel insurance claims that get rejected. This is a cause of frustration for many travellers. 

In order for you to be aware of why some claims are rejected, here are some common reasons why travel insurance won’t cover you:

1.     Travel insurance won’t cover your medical expenses because of a pre-existing medical condition.

One of the main reasons why people buy travel insurance is to protect them against unprecedented medical expenses while traveling. Your travel insurance provider will not cover a pre-existing medical condition, which is a health condition that you already have prior to travel.

You should not withhold any medical condition because it could invalidate your policy or cost you more than you bargained for. Most insurers offer a helpline just in case you have a medical condition that is not accepted as standard.  They will gladly offer coverage for specifically-named conditions if you increase your premium price.

Sometimes you may need to choose insurance with a specialist travel insurer who covers pre-existing medical conditions.  This is what we have to do when travelling as my son has a type of congenital heart disease and ‘regular’ travel insurance won’t cover us or even offer us a policy.

2.     Travel insurance won’t cover your medical expenses if you participate in a dangerous activity.

Standard travel insurance does not include hazardous activities and extreme sports.  You need to pay an extra premium if you choose to be covered for participating in such activities like paragliding, skydiving, or bungee jumping. Your policy should be able to have a list of accepted activities.

If you think you’ll be partaking in extreme sports like these then make sure you get the appropriate cover.  If you decide to take part last-minute and haven’t paid the extra for this cover, then you won’t be insured should you suffer an accident or injury.

3.     Travel insurance won’t cover costs incurred as a result of excessive alcohol or illegal drug use.

If you incur any expense resulting from excessive alcohol or illegal drug use, your travel insurance will not pay for it. As a traveller, you are expected to behave responsibly and also obey the laws and customs of certain countries.

4.     Travel insurance won’t cover loss or damage of very expensive items.

Some policies offer extra cover for valuable items, but as a general rule, when you’re traveling, leave very expensive items such as jewellery and designer handbags at home. Your travel insurance will also not cover loss or damage of unattended items.

5.     If you travel against your government’s advice, you will not be covered by your travel insurance.

Your claim will not be reimbursed if it is a result of going to a place which your government or the World Health Organization (WHO) has advised against travel.

Final word

While standard travel insurance covers a lot of unforeseen circumstances during your trip, it is also good to know the reasons why it won’t cover you.  Make sure you read your policy thoroughly and declare any medical conditions and extreme sports activities when applying to ensure you are fully covered for your needs.