How to avoid back pain while working on a computer

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How to avoid back pain while working on a computer


How to prevent back pain caused by sitting down all day


If you work on a computer all day, whether that’s at an office or from home, then chances are you spend most of your day sitting down.  Whilst this seems like a convenient position to get your job done, it can be terrible news for your back.

With terrifying headlines such as ‘sitting is the new smoking’ urging us to be more active, we are now all too aware that we spend most of our days sat in a chair and slumped over a screen.

Many jobs today require the use of a computer for the full 8-hour working day and it’s no good for our backs to be sat for this long.

Luckily I am here with a few tips on how to prevent back pain when you need to be typing all day long.

Choose an ergonomic office chair

We probably can’t all escape sitting down at work all the time, so the least we can do to prevent any back problems is to choose an ergonomic office chair.  These specially designed chairs ensure we are sat in the best position possible ensuring our posture is correct and our spines are straight instead of slouched.  I have a kneeling chair at home which I even use to sit at the dining table!

Stand and work

Even if you have an ergonomic desk and chair, sitting down all day is still not ideal.  Why not stand at your laptop instead?  Invest in a rising platform for your office desk so you can rise and lower your laptop and keyboard to a sitting or standing height.

Walk and work

You could also kill two birds with one stone by investing in a treadmill desk!  This will provide some light exercise which will help prevent back pain and will also stop you from sitting down all day.

Invest in a supportive recliner chair

Whilst sitting down for too long in an uncomfortable chair can cause back pain, sitting in the right chair to relax at the end of the day can provide a welcome relief if you’ve been suffering with back pain all day long.  It’s important to make sure you choose an appropriate and supportive chair that can ease your back pain in your living room such as recliner chairs from Fenetic Wellbeing.  It’s even possible to get a heat and massage recliner chair that could really help to ease any back pain.

Stretch or walk every half hour

It’s so easy to get into the flow of working and forget to move for hours on end especially when you’re stacked with work and have deadlines to meet.  It’s no good for the back to be sat in the same position for lengths of time though, so set an alarm for every half hour and at least stand from your seat and have a stretch or a short walk if possible.

Maintain a healthy weight

Being overweight can put more stress and strain on the back, so make sure you are leading a healthy lifestyle from eating the right foods to being active every day to maintain a healthy weight.


By ensuring you are not sitting on a regular chair all day long and you maintain an active lifestyle, you can help to prevent back pain caused by working all day on a computer.



How to relieve back pain naturally at home

But what should you do if you are already suffering with back pain?  Of course the above tips are intended to help prevent back pain in the first place, but it's still possible you may suffer with bouts of back pain at some point in your life, or you may already be a sufferer.  

Here are some tips on how to naturally relieve back pain at home:

CBD oil

CBD oil can help to relieve chronic pain, including back pain.  CBD (cannabidiol) is a cannabinoid from the marijuana plant.  It does not have psychoactive properties like THC, but instead it works in conjunction with our bodies' endocannabinoid system.  This system runs throughout our entire body and its goal is to maintain homeostasis (internal balance).  

To learn more about buying the best CBD oils and to improve your knowledge, I recommend checking out the CBD oil buyer's guides published on  

There are also a lot of fact checked articles available at CFAH - Advancing Health & Well-being to learn about the best CBD oils on the market.

Gentle massage

A gentle massage can relieve sore and tense muscles which could be the cause of your back pain.  Ask you partner or a close friend if they can massage your back or find a local masseuse.  I often get knotted shoulder muscles which can cause back pain and I pay for a regular at-home massage with a professional to loosen the muscles and stop/prevent the back pain.


Stretching can help to loosen up muscles.  Don't overdo it or cause pain, but search online specifically for yoga for back pain/shoulder pain/lower-back pain and find a suitable gentle yoga practice for the area of your back that is suffering.


Poor posture can make back pain worse, or even cause it.  Make sure you are always seated or stood with a good back posture by following some of the tips up above in the article.  if your posture is poor then invest in a back posture support brace which you can wear in the daytime and it will correct your posture for you.