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Are laser hair removals an expensive option?

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Although it seems like a recent trend, laser hair removal as a concept actually originated as early as 1960. It was only around 1995 that it started being used commercially and in more recent years that its popularity has surged. Over the years the technology has improved a lot and it is now considered a safe and effective way to remove unwanted hair.

There are, however, plenty of other ways to remove hair. In comparison to these other hair removal methods, laser hair removal may appear more complicated and expensive. With it being a relatively new method you might also have doubts about its effectiveness and safety.  In this blog post I'll explore whether laser hair removal is really an expensive way to remove hair.

Are there better methods than laser hair removal?

Shaving is one of the oldest methods and the most common. It is cheap and doesn’t require any particular skill other than a reasonably steady hand. It also doesn’t take up too much time, but needs to be done regularly, even daily in some cases.

Waxing or using depilatory creams are also reasonably inexpensive and could be done at home without supervision or much skill.

Processes like threading and plucking are usually performed by a professional with some skill and training. They are a little more expensive as it is usually done at a business establishment by a professional.

Electrolysis is a method where hair follicles are destroyed by using electric current. This is one of the most expensive methods. It also requires a long time and a few long sessions with a trained expert.

How does laser hair removal do in comparison?

Laser hair removal works by using light to target hair follicles. This process destroys the hair and hence it doesn’t grow back.

With the exception of electrolysis, laser hair removal is more expensive than all the other methods mentioned above. It is similar to electrolysis in the fact that it requires a highly qualified and skilled professional to do the process. Both processes also offer long term to permanent hair removal. After a few sessions the hair follicles are completely removed. While this may not be 100%, it is highly effective and successful.

Where laser hair removal is better is it is less expensive and less time consuming than electrolysis.

Home based remedies like shaving and waxing are cheaper in the short term. They only offer temporary relief though. The hair always grows back. Hence they are economical if you’re planning to use them once. If you keep using them throughout your life, the cost would be much higher than a few sessions of laser hair removal.

Slightly more complicated processes like plucking and threading also provide short term relief.  They also involve a bit of physical pain. More important, they work as a short term remedy only and will cost a lot in the long run.

What is the best method?

As explained above, the best method will depend on your objective. If your goal is to remove hair only once, then you could try waxing, threading or using a cream. If you are looking for a long term solution then you should go for laser hair removal or electrolysis. Out of the two laser hair removal is cheaper and less time consuming.

A word of advice

While laser hair removal is a safe process, it should be administered by a qualified and experienced professional. Reputed establishments like Thérapie Clinic should be selected to ensure a safe and desired result.