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How can managed print services benefit your business?

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Managed print services are a great option for businesses that want to improve efficiency in the office. After all, greater efficiency means reduced outgoings.  It can also make your business more eco-friendly by reducing printer waste. But how do they work?

Simply put, managed print companies use computer software to assess print behaviour within in an office. In doing so, they are able to recognise patterns in print activities, create new rules, verify users and manage devices. Incorporating this service within your business should reduce the costs of your printing and photocopying by roughly a third. What’s more, it also forecasts a suitable time to order new supplies, such as ink and paper.

That’s not all. Managed print services also have the following benefits achieved via a range of features.

How managed print services can benefit your business


  • Increased productivity: On-screen notifications alert user if a printer is particularly busy, therefore re-routing the print job to another device. This reduces the number of staff members hanging around the printer waiting for their turn.
  • Greater understanding of how each department use the printers: By monitoring print behaviours you can learn which departments are perhaps printing too freely and being wasteful. Talking to your staff about becoming more mindful when printing will improve print efficiency.
  • Improved security of sensitive documents: Follow me printing features mean that a print job is only released when the user confirms it via a card or personal code. This means that documents containing sensitive information aren’t being left on the printer for anyone to see. This also prevents documents from being lost, stolen or forgotten about.
  • Reduced environmental impact: By being less wasteful in the office, you will become more environmentally friendly. This will be fantastic for your brand image.


The list of advantages speak for themselves, but if you’d like any more help or advice regarding managed print services and how they can help your company, don’t be afraid to contact a professional.