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Amazing retractable roof covered pergola ideas

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Even though the days are starting to get warmer, the nights can still be chilly, which means that the dreams of having dinner al fresco are still far from reach. However, what if I told you there is a way for you to enjoy the outdoors whilst being inside?

An interesting idea, right? A retractable roof is the answer.

Retractable roofs, also known as modern pergolas, feature a roof that can easily open and close to give you the best balance between indoor and outdoor living. As retractable roof supplier, Designer Shade Solutions mentions, retractable pergolas allow you to sit in the shade or sun during warm months, and if it starts to rain, these will immediately change to a waterproof pergola roof.

You might be thinking… why not get a normal pergola? Why would I need a modern pergola? As this article on My Three and Me says, modern pergolas are any garden’s must-have as these innovative pergolas provide an outdoor all-weather structure.

These retractable roofs can be used as an addition to your current space or, when combined with side glass screens, heating and lighting, can create the perfect outdoor/indoor retreat in your garden that you will be able to enjoy all-year-round.

This article on My Fashion Life also mentions how you might be aware of these retractable roofs being used in restaurant patios and hotel terraces, “but there is no rule that says that you can’t have a bit of luxury in your own home.” And I couldn’t agree more – treat yourself!

So, forget about the days of wondering how long you will be able to enjoy a cocktail outside or playing with your little ones outdoors before it starts to rain, with these retractable roofs you can enjoy your garden area no matter the weather.

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My thoughts on retractable roofs for pergolas

Personally, I think they are amazing!  It’s been a challenge of ours in spring to create an outdoor living space that is perfect to use not only in good weather, but bad weather too.  We love to sit outside for fresh air on the comfort of cushioned chairs, under a roof.

My husband and I have created an amazing covered veranda, but had no idea these retractable roofs existed.  We are definitely eyeing these up a much more practical solution for the roof of our own garden veranda!

A modern pergola with retractable roof is a worthwhile investment

If you love home improvements and increasing the value of your home then a retractable roofed modern pergola is a worthwhile investment.  It would definitely make your garden more appealing to future buyers as more people look to their gardens as an extension of the indoors.