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Save money online shopping with Honey

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If you’re still searching for online voucher codes when you’re shopping online then you could be wasting a huge amount of your valuable time!

Instead, there are numerous browser extensions that you simply add in a few clicks to your internet browser and they will alert you if there’s a valid voucher code for the website you are visiting or shopping on.

No longer do you need to search for voucher codes to save money.

One of these amazing time-saving and money-saving browser extensions is Honey.

What is the Honey browser extension?

Until this year I hadn’t heard of Honey, but PayPal acquired this popular browser extension in November 2019 for $4 billion!  I now see it advertised almost every time I use the PayPal website.

It has over 10,000,000+ users on Chrome alone, so it must be worth shouting about!

Anything that helps us not pay more than we need to is good in my book, and this is exactly the aim with Honey.

It’s basically the same idea as Pouch, another browser extension I discovered back in 2017.  It takes away the time and effort of searching for voucher codes by automatically finding them for you.

Save money online shopping with Honey coupon browser extension

How do I use Honey?

Simply add the browser extension to your browser and that’s it.  If you’re shopping on a website that has voucher codes sourced by Honey then the little ‘h’ logo in your browser will turn orange.

Honey will also pop-up when you’re at the checkout if it finds voucher codes for the site you’re on.  Simply let Honey try them all out on your basket to see if any are valid for your shop.

You can also choose to copy and paste the voucher codes if you prefer.

Honey will tell you if it finds a coupon, like this:

Honey coupons found

Then it will try all the coupons if you want it to:

Honey testing coupons

What makes Honey unique?

One unique feature of Honey that sets it apart from other similar browser extensions is the ability to be rewarded for shopping and sharing Honey with friends!

Their Honey Gold feature rewards you in ‘gold’.  You can earn gold in the form of cashback when shopping on some sites and also for successful referral of friends using your own Honey referral link.

Once you’ve collected enough gold you can exchange it for various vouchers, including Amazon gift vouchers.

Save money online shopping with Honey desktop

Is Honey worth it?

There’s no point in any of us overpaying for goods if we don’t need to, so if there’s a voucher code that can automatically be found and applied to our online basket shopping baskets then why wouldn’t we use it?

It’s simple to install and could save you lots of money if you shop online regularly.  It’s definitely another browser extension worth adding for the chance to save cash when shopping online. 

It costs nothing and you can even get rewarded for using Honey and sharing with friends, so yes, I think it’s worth taking a moment to add it to your browser.


Click to sign up to Honey today to start saving on your online shopping!