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How to save money on engagement rings

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Congratulations, you are engaged and, if being rather modern, it’s time to pick out your own engagement ring! 

Or, you are the one popping the question and wish to keep it traditional and propose with the engagement ring to hand.

Whichever way you are going about it, choosing an engagement ring can be really tricky.  Not only do you want to get it right, but you might also be worried about breaking the bank.

Engagement rings can reach all sorts of prices that’ll blow your mind! Before you think about selling your house to afford one… stop! 

There are lots of unique ways you can save money on engagement rings, even if you have the smallest of small budgets.

Read on for some of the best ways to save money when buying an engagement ring.

Choose a bespoke ring from an indie business

If you can’t quite find the ring you desire off the shelf, you might think your luck is out.  Think again, as you may be able to get the bespoke ring of your dreams, without the hefty price tag.

Nowadays it’s easier than ever to discover individual jewellers and jewellery artists who can create a ring of your choosing.  You can seek them out on handmade marketplaces like Etsy or Folksy and request a quote for a custom piece, unique to you.

The internet is a wonderful place and online shopping means you can literally choose a jewellery designer from anywhere in the world!

This opens up the possibility of finding a maker who can suit your budget requirements as well as your style and taste.

Many online makers have little overheads in the way of brick and mortar stores, so they can offer competitive price points in comparison.

Choose moissanite

When money is a deciding factor in choosing an engagement ring then choosing moissanite instead of a real diamond is a great money-saver.

You won’t be disappointed either as moissanites looks strikingly like diamond, with few people able to tell the difference.

It also means you might be able to choose that stunning diamond ring you have your eye on, but can’t quite afford.  Simply choose the same ring, but ask for a moissanites instead to slash the cost.

British jewellery website Abelini jewellery already allow you to switch the stone for each engagement ring on their website, from diamond to lab grown to moissanite.  The price difference can instantly be seen with a saving of around £100 on their white gold solitaire engagement rings if you opt for moissanites instead of diamonds.

This could mean the difference between you getting the ring design of your choice, or not!

Don’t specifically shop for an ‘engagement ring’

Quite often there’s a higher price point for things specifically aimed at engagements and weddings.  We know this to be true when choosing wedding venues, dresses, photographers and the like.

Instead, don’t disregard all the other rings in the catalogues or for sale in the jewellers.  Your favourite engagement ring might not be labelled as such, but it’s what is perfect for you.

So long as you love the ring you choose, it doesn’t matter if it’s not traditionally an engagement ring or if it’s not labelled as such in the shop.

Have an engagement/wedding ring in one

There’s no rule that says you have to have a separate engagement ring and wedding ring.  If you’re only planning to wear one ring anyway, then why not increase your overall ring budget by opting for an engagement/wedding ring in one?

Instead of having a budget for each and then putting the engagement ring in a box after the wedding, it makes more sense to combine your budget for each ring and really splash out on the ring of your choice that you’ll wear forever more.

The engagement ring of your dreams is possible

Hopefully you can now see there are many savvy ways to shop for engagement rings without breaking the bank.  You might have to choose an alternative stone to a diamond or spend time researching indie jewellers, but it will be worth it!