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How to play to your business strengths

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While there are many tasks we must perform when running our business, it’s true that we each have our own set of strengths and weaknesses. It’s why many businesses bring on employees, not only to deal with ambitious volumes of work, but to ensure there are many specialists and areas of expertise geared towards important goals.

However, what if you’re a sole trader, or only have an apprentice? What if your business is extremely humble? It’s hard to ‘call in the troops’ when you can’t really afford to take someone else on, and if you’re perfectly profitable (or breaking even) enough to avoid expanding your business, at your own behest.  

Having only one or two set of skills means that often, your weaknesses will show up, or rather, be more strained by an increasing array of situations. How can you best mitigate this? How can you best work through it? Should you opt for quick-fix solutions, or take every course known to man to have no more weaknesses left? Well, this last solution isn’t as feasible as we’d like it to be. Let’s consider what is:

Understand Your USP

Understand your unique selling point. It really does make a complete and profound difference in the way you manage, run and promote your business.

Perhaps you’re a great people-person, able to flex your charm in a manner that inspires confidence. This can mean your practical pitches when seeking investment could be well-curated.

That said, it might be that you’re not so great at writing, and might need outsourced or freelance help to go over the language in your pitch. This way, you have balanced, optimised, and understood your unique selling point.

Outsource professionals

Outsourcing professionals can be important. Sure, you might not have the funding to justify bringing more and more people onto your team, but perhaps you can take some time and see just what tasks need completing, and solicit help for those particular goals.

Outsourced professionals such as graphic designers, freelance writers, or technical specialists and consultants can really be worth their weight in gold, particularly if a tough business ask is stumping you.

At the very least, signing up for business support forums and politely requesting advice can also give you a little insight from time to time, even if it’s for the small, day-to-day concerns that you may have limited experience with.

Use expert services

Use expert services that really do mean an increase in productivity for your business. Managing your year end accounts isn’t easy, for instance, but having a professional firm take care of that for you, at every step of the way, can help you more easily free up your time for what your strengths can actually be used for.

We only have a certain amount of creative or productive energy to utilise each day, and without it, we often find ourselves on the back foot. Don’t let this be you, in any capacity, especially when such worthwhile concessions can be found.

Final word

With this advice, we hope you can more easily play to your business strengths, through and through. There are so many ways to find out information about starting a business, running a business and marketing a business.  If you want to know more about starting a business, you can find relevant information at or