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Story Tyke: Get a FREE bedtime story for your child every evening

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I absolutely love it when I find free stuff that has value and today I have a great service to share with you that is completely free.  If you are a busy parent (or grandparent) with primary school age children, then read on.  This free service is just perfect for you and your children.

After a busy day running my business and completing all my mum duties, I often find it hard to keep my eyes open when I put the children to bed.  Being a full-time working mum, I am always on the go when it comes to work and life, and having a creative job, my mind is active all day long being imaginative for a living! By the time it comes to the kids bedtimes, my mind is wanting to simply switch off and take it easy for my remaining waking hours.

So as much as my children absolutely adore a picture reading book in the evenings, occasionally they’ll want a made up story that they have never heard before.  My children are very lucky to have bookshelves full of wonderful children’s tales that are perfect for bedtime, but many of them have been read numerous times and they want to hear something new.

However, my tired brain which has been hard at work all day cannot muster up the thoughts to create an engaging and imaginative children’s story from scratch.  In fact, when they ask, my mind simply draws a blank!

So, what if there was a way to tell my children a fascinating unique story every single bedtime without needing to think of one on the spot?

And even better, what if it could be done for free and with ease?

Then sign me up!

And, as you may have already guessed, this is exactly what I have done!

The free bedtime story service I would like to introduce you to is Story Tyke.

Story Tyke free bedtime stories via email

What is Story Tyke?

Story Tyke is an email subscription for busy parents, and even grandparents, childminders and so on, who want to engage their children in unique imaginative stories every single day.

It was created by a passionate parent, Jacob, who wanted to “simplify the creative process to help parents initiate imaginative experiences with their kids” whilst removing “the need to create a new bedtime story from scratch or search for one online.”

Story Tyke allows you to spend more precious time with your kids each evening by emailing a bedtime story to you, so you can simply read the story and not waste time trying to think of something to say or searching online for a new story each evening.

Jacob was inspired when this happened to him.  His daughter wanted a new story one evening and he couldn’t find what he was looking for online.  He spent so long browsing websites trying to find a great bedtime story that his daughter fell asleep!

The amazing idea of Story Tyke was born so parents wouldn’t need to waste time doing the same and instead could enjoy bedtime with their children with the perfect story emailed each evening right on time.

Here’s the founder Jacob sharing his story:

How to get free bedtime stories from Story Tyke

It’s really simple.  Visit their website at and sign up with your email address.

It’s totally free!

You will then receive a ready-to-read bedtime story at 6pm every school night (Sunday to Thursday) to inspire and engage your children.

Obviously you don’t have to be a parent to receive the emails.  Perhaps you are an aunt or grandpa, a nursery teacher or a childminder.  These free stories are perfect for all sorts of people to share with the children they care for whether it’s at bedtime or during the day.

Why choose Story Tyke?

Firstly, it’s free.  It costs nothing, so you have nothing to lose.  Sign up at Story Tyke and give it a go!

Also, you may have bookshelves, as we do, with numerous children’s stories, so you might be wondering why not read a picture book story you already have?

That’s all well and good, and we absolutely love picture books in our home and they’re not going anywhere, but it’s a good idea to also read your children stories out loud without the visual aid of a book.

Storytelling is an amazing way to help your child develop their imagination and offers many other child development benefits.

Story Tyke say “Studies show that storytelling (without images) improves literacy skills, creative thinking, and memory recall for children.”

Story Tyke for the win!

If you care for children or are a busy parent then Story Tyke is a valuable free resource that will make storytelling a breeze.

Not only will it save you the hassle of inventing new stories from scratch during a busy day, but it will enhance your children’s creativity, imagination and even improve their memory skills.

Sign up today at for free bedtime stories directly to your inbox!

Story Tyke free bedtime stories via email