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Virtual date night ideas for all budgets

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It’s looking more and more likely that we will be in lockdown for Valentine’s Day this year.  If you usually go out to celebrate then you might be wondering how you can celebrate this Valentine’s Day in lockdown.

If you live with your other half then a romantic meal is easily organised at home, but what if you’re a long distance couple or can’t see each other because of local lockdowns?

Don’t fear!  If you and your partner want to celebrate Valentine’s together, but can’t be physically together then here are lots of ways you can be together virtually.

I’m not just talking face time either.  Here are several ways you can have a virtual Valentine’s date night, no matter what your budget.

Virtual date night ideas

Dating can still totally go on, even if you’re faced with national or local lockdowns that restrict your movements or mean you can’t visit each other in person.

If you are lucky to live locally then most lockdowns will allow you to still meet up with at least one other adult from another household, so you can at least enjoy a daily walk or exercise together.  If you are on the dating scene then use a local dating website for where you are based such as Lincolnshire dating or the county you are in, so you can find local dates you might actually be allowed to meet right now!

Even after all this is over, you may still enjoy a virtual date every once in a while as something different.  Or you may find a long distance relationship and want some virtual date ideas to keep the spark alive when you can’t see each other very often.

Whatever your reason for searching for virtual date night ideas, here is some inspiration for you:

·        Cook the same recipe (and see whose is best!)

You may not be able to enjoy a meal together in person, but you can enjoy the same meal!  With the likes of WhatsApp, Facetime, Skype and Zoom, it’s easier than ever to connect with your partner via a smartphone, tablet or laptop with an internet connection and nothing else needed.  Set up your video call in the kitchen and cook the same meal together!  By cooking it together at the same time, it will be ready together and you can eat at the same time over video call.  If you’re a competitive couple then it could be a competition to see whose meal looks the best and of course, you’ll have to trust each other for the taste test!

·        Create art together

Now, if you’re not very artistic or this sounds boring, then stay with me… how about having a fun evening drawing each other over a video call?!  It’s actually better if you’re not very good at art for the laughs!  You can even go all out and buy a canvas each and some pastels or oil paints to really attempt a masterpiece.  Then, once finished, you can post the artwork to each other as a surprise in the post and set a date and time to video call again to open them.  The suspense and surprise will be worth it!

·        Have a surprise takeaway

If you love takeaways, then make it more fun by ordering each other a takeaway for a set time and not revealing what it is!  Enjoy together over a virtual video call or chat service.

·        Watch a film together

You don’t have to physically be together to watch a film together. Simply decide on a film, providing you both have the same TV subscription, and watch it in sync!  You can text each other or message each other as you watch it, just like you might discuss it in real life.  Or wait until it’s over and call each other to discuss!

·        Plan your next travel adventure

There’s nothing better than planning a holiday or short break, so get your thinking hats on and make plans for your next adventure together.  Talk a messaging service and send each other links and suggestions for where you’d like to go.  Search for holiday deals and perhaps even book your next escape!

·        Just chat

It really doesn’t have to be fussy or cost money at all.  Simply allocating special time to talk to each other and feel with one another is enough.  Have a quality conversation with one another and spend time listening to what you’ve each been up to, your plans for the future and how you’re feeling right now.