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5 ways to take advantage of technology in your home

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The technology we use in our homes is no longer just an iPad and little else. It’s now possible to use better equipment that’s more efficient, such as newer HVAC systems, cleaners that cut the chores list down, and much more. Combined, it can all make life that little bit easier and free up time to enjoy more of it.

Here are 5 ways to harness technology to make life better, and even do a better job than you can (in less time).

1.      Heating, cooling, and refrigeration

Economical heating and cooling systems, along with the need for better refrigeration are things that the modern world cannot do without, and so it is for homeowners too. While older heating and cooling systems may not have impressed, the latest HVAC systems use modern production techniques combined with energy efficiency. McCombs Supply. Co. has been providing replacement parts for HVAC&R systems, appliances, water heaters, and other common needs since 1953. They’re also a knowledgeable team when it comes to providing installation tips. If your HVAC repairer is struggling to source the right parts, steer them their way. They may stock difficult to source items for modern systems because of their excellent industry connections.

2.      Robotic vacuum cleaner

Are you stuck for time to vacuum the carpets or run one over the hardwood floors? Are you at work for too many hours and with a to-do list that’s as long as your arm for the weekends too? Maybe you need a robotic vacuum cleaner. These circular little wonders are designed to move around under their power, cleaning while you’re at work. Armed with sensors, they can ‘see’ when they’re coming up to a couch, wardrobe, or an interior wall. All you need to do is charge them up and then place them where they need to clean. They’ll do the rest. When time is tight, they make light work of at least one chore. That leaves you with more time for the others.

3.      Automatic sprinklers in the backyard

The garden sprinkler is useful to keep the lawn watered during the summer months when it can dry out. But when does anyone remember to turn on the water to let their sprinklers run? The solution to the problem lies in a smart sprinkler controller. These little gadgets connect to the existing irrigation system in your garden to avoid under or overwatering the lawn or plants. Some of the better ones even hook up to home systems like Alexa, Apple HomeKit, or Google Assistant to check on the backyard and make adjustments to the sprinkler settings while at work.

The tool is especially useful if you’re sometimes called away unexpectedly to take short trips or on the emergency callout. In this situation, you may not return home for days. So, being able to adjust the water going to the sprinklers is extremely helpful.

4.      Adapt to smart technologies for automation

Smart home technologies are all the rage now. Homeowners can pick between different ecosystems to see which will work best for them. Depending on the products, they may be cross-platform or only work with Google, Apple, or Amazon ecosystems.

·         Automate activities

Take the Alexa products from Amazon as an example. Their intelligent assistants can act as reminders, answer a quick question, or simply act as a clever alarm clock. However, more sophisticated systems can be controlled from your smartphone using apps as well as using voice commands.

It’s possible to automate some of the activities of appliances, computers, and home systems either in-house or when at the office. Changing the thermostat level, adjusting the lighting illumination, or checking to see who’s at the door all can prove useful.

·         Security improvements

Furthermore, from a security standpoint, automating when the lights come on or the powered blinds are adjusted can be useful when on vacation. Even playing music during the day – when most home invasions occur – is useful to deter people with bad intentions.

While automation is useful here, be sure to randomise efforts to convince people that someone is still at home when they’re not. Otherwise, it will be possible to learn your set patterns. Thieves are smart too!

5.      Reduce energy costs to save money

Use technology to your advantage to cut costs down. Along with switching up the heating and cooling to a system that’s more energy-efficient, there’s more that can be done. Try switching your computing devices to a low-powered sleep mode when not in use. They can power down almost all energy usage while not requiring you to perform a cold boot-up several times a day. Turn lighting into a fun experiment with coloured light bulbs, instead of duller fluorescent ones that use more electricity but deliver less illumination.

Using technology at home is not all about sitting at your PC and making adjustments. Many devices are smart now. Also, reducing energy consumption while boosting both efficiencies and carefully adding in automation can lighten the load too.