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7 benefits of gardening in raised planter beds

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If gardening is a new experience for you, raised planter beds are necessary. If you haven’t use planter beds before and always plant on ground soil directly, the raised planter boxes are worthy. If you plan to rearrange your garden, it is desirable to garden in elevated planting boxes. 

Traditional home gardening usually presents as planting various plants in an ample garden or yard. It may be restricted for the people without available space around the houses. In this case, raised planter beds play their roles. Let’s read on to learn the seven benefits of gardening in the raised planter boxes!

Easy to move

Planter beds are generally free-standing, not very heavy, and moveable by one or two people. Several boxes together can create a large planting area for you, meanwhile, each box can be rearranged as you need. More conveniently, some raised planter beds are equipped with casters so that you can roll them anywhere without lifting. When bad weather comes, you will figure out how convenient and thoughtful this is.

Make full use of limited space

With regular-shaped planting beds, you can plan the layout of your garden reasonably and neatly, and plant more flowers or vegetables you like, which is particularly important when the areas are limited. Designing the layout and distributing the planting blocks scientifically will promote full use of the garden space.

Away from human and animal feet

Worry about destruction or damage by human and animals feet? Still put up a sign showing “DO NOT STEP” to protect your flowers? But how can small animals like rabbits, dogs, cats read? The Yaheetech Garden Planter Bed can solve this problem. The raised height of planting boxes helps keep plants away from human and animal feet, which is one of the advantages that raised planter beds can provide for you.

Comfortable and labour-saving gardening

Squatting or bending down for a long time to loosen the soil, water, weed, or fertilize will cause backaches and backache. To make it labour-saving, elevated bed gardening is highly recommended. Generally, the raised planting beds are following ergonomics and mechanics. The elevated height makes it easy for you to complete gardening work just as standing, easily completing gardening without exhausting postures.

Customised environment

Every type of plant needs suitable soil, but the acidity and alkalinity of the soil in your garden may not best suit all plants. Then you will need raised planter beds to prepare suitable soil for plant growth. Unlike gardening in the yard directly, the conditions provided by the planting beds could be more controllable, such as soil PH, growth temperature, light, etc. If you want to create a customized growth environment for plants, elevated planting beds can help.

Less weeds

If you don't intervene but hope outdoor gardening to be free of weeds, it seems impossible. However, planting beds can definitely help reduce weeds and other unnecessary plants given the beds’ prescribed planting areas. Their framed shapes can effectively reduce the growth of weeds.

Better water retention & drainage

Similar to the previous point, the framed planting bed provides a limited and sufficient area for plants. On the one hand, it is conducive to retain water inside of the box, which is critical for plants that like humid surroundings. Differing from watering directly on the ground soil, the frame of the planting bed well gathers, retains and avoids water spreading and sinking aimlessly to make full use of water resources in that limited area. On the other hand, the planting bed is conducive to drain excess water out. The drainage holes at the bottom of the planting bed help the excess water flow out and prevent root rot.


You may find many types of planter boxes on the market; they are mainly wood, metal, and plastic. Choose a desirable style according to your preferences and needs. Raised planter beds help you garden anywhere, from the yard, patio, porch, even to indoors. Raised bed gardening is friendly and easy, especially for beginners and the aged, because you can control the planting area, layout, edaphic conditions, drainage without exhausting postures.