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Find out how much cancer cover you need by doing this

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Cancer is one of the world's most lethal diseases. Unfortunately, it is also one of the costliest to treat and one for which you can’t totally be prepared. It may happen to anybody at any moment. If you pause for a moment, you will undoubtedly recall a friend or family member who has suffered from this awful ailment. People may be able to fight cancer today thanks to modern medical science, but the expenditures of treatment and rehabilitation can put a significant burden on your finances.

If you are in a country where you need to pay for your own health insurance and treatment, then you may need to think about a special cancer cover.  Otherwise the healthcare costs involved may be quite unimaginable.  To offset these expenses, you will need a cancer cover that offers something that other standard health plans may not: a lump sum insurance payout upon diagnosis.

Before choosing the cancer cover you need to find which cancer cover suits you the best. To estimate which cancer insurance suits you the best, you need to put a rough estimate on your expenses and that can be done by following these simple steps.

  • Screening is important: After screening, you get to know at what stage the cancer is at. So, when your screening is done you get to know the acuteness of the disease and thus, the treatment follows.

  • Stage of cancer: Before the appropriate therapy can be advised, the patient must undergo a series of tests to diagnose and determine the stage of cancer. Physical examination, laboratory tests, biopsies, imaging tests, nuclear medicine scans, endoscopy, and genetic testing are all part of the process. The treatment costs depend on whether the disease is at an early or crucial stage. 

  • The recommended course of treatment: Chemotherapy costs much cheaper than Radiotherapy. But again, this totally depends on what stage of cancer you are at, what types of treatment is recommended by the oncologists and many more factors.  If the disease is in its early stages and is restricted to a specific region, the majority of cancer patients are advised to undergo surgery. Chemotherapy is a systemic treatment that is administered in sessions over time. 

  • Post-treatment requirements: Sometimes a post-cancer treatment is required. It is not always the same as predicted by the doctors. So, at times there can be some differences in their predictions after the treatment. This includes the after-treatment observation as well.

These are some basic things to factor in before choosing your cancer cover as this will let you know how much cancer cover you may require.

Apart from this, also consider the factors like your family history, type of cancer, the hospital - whether you’ve chosen a private or public sector hospital for your treatment among others Also, consider what is included and excluded in your cancer cover. 

Some features included in the Care Health Insurance for cancer are:

  • It covers different stages of cancer.

  • It also covers all the costs of your Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy.

  • You are eligible to renew it and avail it throughout your life.

  • It provides coverage from 30 days prior and till 60 days post the treatment.

  • In case ICU is needed, this cancer cover also bears every ICU charge.

  • It also bears the cost of your annual health check-ups. 

These are the inclusions of the cancer insurance cover. It is advisable to go through your requirements and then the inclusions, exclusions, features, and premium of the cancer insurance you are choosing. 

Why opt for Cancer insurance?

Here are some reasons you should consider getting a cancer cover:

  • Cancer is a frightening condition that needs special medical care. This insurance health care plan would cover several cancer treatment-related expenditures, assuring your family's financial security.

  • Cancer insurance is essential for everyone who has a stressful lifestyle. Investing in this plan would also be a good idea if the sickness runs in the family.

  • There are increased instances of the disease today. Studies suggest that the annual number of new cancer cases worldwide is expected to rise to 29.5 million by 2040. 

When you are looking for cancer cover, remember to choose a reliable insurance provider who can provide the desired financial support during a time of need. Care Health Insurance is one of the reputable insurers providing suitable cancer cover along with valuable benefits. Check their website to know more about the policies.