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5 running spots in Edinburgh you NEED to try

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Edinburgh is a beautiful, historic city in Scotland and it's really not difficult to find a place to run in the capital. We've put together a list of 5 running spots in Edinburgh you NEED to try.

Running is never a bad idea in Edinburgh, whether you are training for a Marathon, or if you are just enjoying the great outdoors and are keen to run.  Starting from Crowne Plaza Edinburgh - Royal Terrace, which is an ideal place to start your run, all these routes lead to the city centre. These destinations are quite a distance apart, so it could be a great idea to enquire about car hire in Edinburgh to get from one to another. So it back and relax (for now), as we go through the Top 5 running routes in and around the capital!

Water of Leith

There is a pedestrian walkway that runs through Edinburgh City, connecting Leith Docks with Balerno.  Running one mile is an option, or taking the route all the way to Balerno and clocking up 12 miles. As it winds its way south, it passes Colinton Village and Dell, the Union Canal, the Saughton Winter Gardens, Murrayfield Stadium, the Scottish Gallery of Modern Art, Dean Village, and Stockbridge.  The path can be joined, and you can go for a short run or for as long as you like as you walk along it.  Are you willing to go the distance?  The Pentlands are at the foot of the path that leads to Balerno.

Arthur's Seat

It's easy to see why Arthur's Seat is among the most sought after running routes in Edinburgh. The place is so inspiring that you'll lose hours exploring it. Getting the job done without sacrificing a breathtaking view is one thing that many like about Holyrood Park's edges. If you're feeling adventurous, you may want to climb Salisbury Crags, visit St Anthony's Chapel, go to the loch, and admire panoramic views of the city as you go until you reach the peak. This is a perfect location, run from your hotel back to your home and let your smartwatch add a few steps! You may need a torch or some form of light when running at night, as it gets quite dark, and don't forget to look upwards at the stunning Scottish stars for added motivation.


Nothing can refresh you as much as a cooling sea mist and Scottish air. Run all the way to Portobello and back to reap the benefits of these rejuvenating emotions. We recommend commencing at Arthur's Seat. You will climb the mountain following Queen's Road toward Duddingston Loch. As you drive past the loch, walk along the main road until you see Portobello. Follow the road to the beach. As you run through the sand, you can hear the ocean cheering you on. If you still have strength after exerting all that extra energy, you may wish to run east of Seafield Rd and look for Brunstane Burn Path. You'll reach the Salisbury Crags after passing through this aging railway arch. When you reach East Lothian, you will be greeted by its picturesque landscape.

Pentland Hills

You need not look any further than the Pentlands to quell that overpowering urge to rush for the hills. For fitness enthusiasts, taking the run past the city centre or stretching it more is a must-do. Taking a stroll along the plains and letting the wind play with your hair is like escaping into reality. Start by climbing Turnhouse Hill from the public car park near Flotterstone Inn. Wander among Carnethy, Scald Law, East Kip, and West Kip along the ridge path. You can then decide what you want your path to be and follow it. Pentlands are remarkably untamed, underrated, and ideal for running.


It is a photogenic village, complete with vernacular architecture, causeway pylons, and pristine scenery. This will be an unforgettable experience whether it is going for a running sprint on the beach or walking the path that mirrors over the River Almond. The Cramond Fish, consisting of rose-coloured granite dating back 460 million years, is a large eight ton sculpture along the foreshore. Runners who enjoy a relaxing beer after working out can do so, while serious stretchers can incorporate this into a longer route. 

So what are you waiting for?

Tie your laces tight because you’re about to embark on a spellbinding adventure to some of Scotland’s most captivating and enthralling running routes!