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Work from home fashion that can boost your productivity

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We all know that what you wear to work can affect your productivity. However, the same goes for working from home. What you wear while working from home can be just as important as what you wear to the office. Here's what to wear and not to wear, and how it impacts the type of work you do.

So, you find yourself working from home. On the bright side, you no longer have to spend so much time and money commuting daily to work. On the downside, you see no reason why you should jump out of bedclothes before you start work. But why is that a downside? Believe it or not, what you wear while working at home can affect your productivity. So, do you want to be at your productive best while working at home? Then consider these work-from-home outfits. 

  1. Get dressed in your comfortable yet appropriate clothes

Your pyjamas are warm and comfortable. But, what you don't know is, they can have a negative effect on your productivity. Working in your pyjamas can create an illusion that you're not really at work. It takes the seriousness out of what you're doing and starts making you feel sluggish, lazy, and even unmotivated. That can make it hard to maintain focus, meet deadlines, or accomplish all your daily tasks. The solution, take your shower and wear comfortable or casual clothes if you want, just not your pyjamas. 

  1. Swap your slippers for trainers or sneakers 

You might also want to avoid wearing slippers and wear something more work-appropriate, like heels or sneakers. This is because wearing slippers doesn't help you set the right tone for your work. It can be tempting to wear slippers as you're tired of wearing office footwear all the time, and after all, you're home. However, wearing comfortable, appropriate shoes during working hours can help forge a strong sense of productivity. Your feet will appreciate the break from the usual heels you wear without making you feel lazy at work.

  1. Accessorise as usual 

Who says you shouldn't look suitable for work at home? Go ahead and wear your usual accessories. Put on your everyday necklaces, rings, earrings, and anything else that will make you look and feel polished, as this will help put your mind in the right frame to get ready for work. If you're stuck at home alone with your work, why not add some WatchBox world time watches to your accessories? This way, you can keep track of various time zones if you need to make international calls or video calls to friends or colleagues far from you.  

  1. Get dressed up

You cannot underestimate how important your appearance is when it comes to productivity. Feeling good about your looks can put you in the right frame of mind to take on the day's tasks. The less good you feel about your looks, the less pumped up you will be about work. 

So, get dressed and look your best even when working from home. Just as you might feel good when your favourite bar of chocolate, you can also get some bursts of hedonic happiness by dressing up in something you feel exceptional in. You will be amazed by how much difference this seemingly small move can make. 


What you wear can play a significant role in the levels of your productivity. Therefore, even as you work from home, be sure to create a conducive work environment by creating a workspace and dressing accordingly. 


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