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What will the future of the city look like?

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Cities have seen huge changes over the last 100 years. Narrow, winding streets have been replaced by giant roads; massive skyscrapers now dominate city skylines; and luminous lights can be found advertising a shop or bar down most streets. But what will the future look like for cities? Below we explore some likely changes. 

What will the future of the city look like

Smart cities

The high street could become a lot more technological. For a start, vast swathes of the city could be monitored with added data, sensors and cameras. This could help reduce crime but can make people feel uneasy with the control over their lives. At the same time, augmented reality may play a huge role in the city. You’ll have the high street tailored for you and your shopping choices, with stores advertising directly to you. In this reality, you’d even be able to order a coffee at the touch of a button. 

More public transport

Public transport is set to become even more important and will likely experience significant changes. As various cities commit to net zero targets, boosting public transport will be key to reducing carbon emissions. Cities will invest in their transport with large fleets of electric buses, improved rail links and will alter their roads to encourage cycling and walking. This doesn’t mean cars will be obsolete though. Electric cars will replace petrol and diesel vehicles and there are already models emerging on the market.

Smarter buildings

Buildings will also need to pivot towards sustainability in the future. Buildings will become more energy-efficient and will use new building methods to reduce carbon emissions. In hot cities, buildings will also be designed to provide natural shade to avoid the use of air conditioning. Meanwhile, many buildings will generate their own power – they’ll have their own solar panels to sustainably produce electricity. Any surplus energy that the most efficient buildings create could then be siphoned off to other buildings or any electric cars. 

You’ll also notice that buildings will become smarter too. Public buildings will collect data on their visitors in order to improve performance. This could relate to finding the perfect temperature for visitors or even improving safety. Again, it can feel a little unnerving to imagine buildings recording data about you during your stay, but on the flipside, there are certainly tangible benefits.

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A more sustainable future

Cities are set to change significantly in the future. Much of this will be driven by pushes towards sustainability. Be it through more energy-efficient buildings, electric cars, or an emphasis on public transport, cities are set to take an environmental turn very soon.

What will the future of the city look like? Tech, science, and design will meet to imagine a new way of living in the city.


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