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Useful factors to consider when starting your own medical practice

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After all the years of hard work and studying, you have finally gotten your medical license to practice, and instead of sitting around waiting for a job, you have opted to start up your own medical practice.

Now, this is a very bold decision and kudos to you for being so brave!

However, there are a few factors that you must consider as you aim towards running your own clinic. These factors will determine your operational success and help you stay in business. 

There are a lot of elements involved in a startup medical clinic. We are going to outline the most important ones that you cannot afford to miss. This is mainly because it is basically impossible to operate without them. 

License and business permit

The medical field is a very delicate part of the service industry. In order to operate, you are required to register your clinic and get business permits and licenses from the government and other medical bodies. This should be the first step towards starting your medical practice.

There are also some requirements that you are supposed to fulfil in your premises to clear you for your business. If you are found operating without licenses you are considered a quack doctor and the criminal penalties for such offences are very severe.


This is an important factor for any kind of business on the face of the earth. Where you are located matters greatly, especially if you are in the service industry, clients prefer certain locations and will always visit those that suit them. The most appropriate location for setting up a medical clinic is in a residential area or a commercial business centre.

A residential area is perfect for serving residents, and this mostly works for clients who do not want to commute all the way to a commercial business centre to seek medical attention. This location is good for emergencies in the locality. However, in case of serious medical emergencies, always refer patients to a higher-level hospital.

Medical equipment

In order to run a successful medical practice, you will need a variety of medical equipment. These gadgets can be bought locally or sourced from other countries such as China. Some of the equipment you will need for a start include diagnostic machines such as stethoscopes, blood pressure machines, and laboratory equipment for sample testing.

Other devices include operating equipment such as computers, printers, and monitors. As you progress, you can extend your clinic to accommodate inpatient care; at this point, you will need patient beds and other inpatient care equipment. In order to keep your electrical devices safe, invest in ip rated enclosures to protect them from moisture and dust.

Support staff

For a smooth operation, you will need qualified medical professionals to assist you in your practice. These professionals include a receptionist, station nurse, cleaners, and an accountant to help you manage your billing system. Ensure that you conduct thorough interviews in order to avoid hiring unqualified staff.

Due to the covid 19 pandemic, it is important that you guarantee the safety of your medical staff by providing them with safety gear as they run the day-to-day activities of the clinic. Also, in place safety guidelines to prevent the spread of the virus in the clinic, such as social distancing and wearing of masks.

Insurance policies and procedures

In order to minimize your risks while running a medical clinic, it is crucial that you invest in the right medical insurance policies to safeguard your business. The medical cover should take care of both your practice and your practitioners. An insurance policy puts your mind at ease and assures you that you are covered in case of any accidents and injuries that may occur on your premises.

In addition to your own cover, you should also engage insurance companies to have you in their panels as one of their medical providers. This allows your patients to be treated using the medical policies. This is an added bonus to your practice.

Promote your practice

When your clinic is ready and up and running, the next wise step to take is marketing and advertising. You need to let your potential customers be aware of your practice so they can visit you for your services. While promoting your clinic for the first time, make sure that you put major emphasis on your location and the services that you offer. What makes you different to the other medical practices in town?  Let your customers know why they should choose you over any existing centres.


The initial stages are usually hectic for any startup, but once you manage to go through the first phase successfully, the later stages become more manageable. Do not let the challenges at the beginning discourage you from your dream of running your own medical clinic. In case of any uncertainties, it is advisable to seek guidance from business advisers and other medical practitioners who are willing to share a few tips with you. Good luck and all the best in your new endeavour.