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Lab diamond rings: an affordable and ethical choice

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Grace 6mm 0.80ct 1 round moissanite Lily Arkwright platinum Edited HR

GRACE 0.80ct / 6.00mm lab diamond 18k white gold solitaire engagement ring by Lily Arkwright

Weddings are often synonymous with traditions and this also extends to proposals and engagement rings. One of the most common expectations is that engagement rings should cost 3 months wage, yet with the rise of lab grown gems, you can spare on that expense.

This is because lab diamond rings cost roughly 30% less than natural diamond rings and you still receive the same longevity associated with mined diamond engagement rings. Therefore lab diamonds are an amazing option for those seeking an affordable yet ethically sourced engagement ring.

As the name implies, lab diamond engagement rings are produced in a lab through simulating the extremely high temperatures and pressure conditions which occur in the Earth's crust where natural diamonds form. Lab grown diamonds are real diamonds! They possess the same fire, sparkle and brilliance you receive in high quality natural diamonds. Often, making it impossible to distinguish between the two. You might be completely clueless about lab diamonds or a complete expert who wants to just expand their knowledge regarding the benefits of lab diamonds.

How are lab diamonds made?

The process of producing lab diamonds is very similar to how mined diamonds are formed but one takes place naturally within the earth's crust’s extreme temperatures, whilst the other takes place under controlled laboratory conditions. The lab grown diamond manufacturing process replicates conditions that simulate the natural diamond creation process, subjecting carbon atoms to extreme temperatures and pressures, thus forming a lab diamond in layers. There are two different lab growing processes: HPHT and CVD. Both of these methods produce exceptionally high quality lab grown diamonds. The Diamond Foundry has an excellent video that summarises the diamond growing process.

Why choose a lab diamond engagement ring?

Affordable: One of the most significant benefits of choosing a lab grown diamond is the affordable and amazing price point! Generally, the price difference between mined and lab diamonds will vary slightly depending on the cut, colour and size of the stone but usually, lab grown diamonds cost 30% less than their fellow mined counterparts. The reasoning behind this is because of the smaller production chain. Growing diamonds in a lab means there are less people involved in the process of producing diamonds. Choosing a lab grown diamond engagement ring is ideal for someone who wants a bigger stone for a more affordable price point or simply desires an ethically and sustainably sourced ring. Therefore, you can spend on other things in future or spend more on your wedding day.

Eco-friendly & sustainable: Whilst not all naturally mined diamonds exploit environments and communities, choosing a lab grown diamond, eliminates any concerns you might have associated with natural diamond mining. When diamonds are grown in a lab, the unsustainable and unethical mining practices are eliminated, which is another reason for popularity in lab-grown gem engagement rings. Consumers in today's climate are becoming more aware of the consequences their purchases can have on the environment and the communities. Opting for a lab diamond as an engagement ring is a great green choice yet still carries the same luxurious brilliance and fire recognised with naturally mined diamonds!

Fully certified: Lily Arkwright works with various world leading laboratories to source their exceptionally high lab grown diamonds. The exceptional quality of lab grown diamonds is another reason to opt for a lab grown engagement ring. All of Lily Arkwright’s lab diamonds are accompanied by a GIA, IGI or GCAL certificate, which ensures the lab grown diamond has met the highest quality inspections and grading. A common myth surrounding lab diamonds is that they are not as hard as mined diamonds. This is completely untrue, as they have the same chemical composition, both lab grown and mined diamonds would score a 10 on the mohs scale of hardness. Lily Arkwright are proud Assay Assured jewellery retailers and committed members of the National Association of Jewellers based on honesty, integrity and professionalism.

Interested in lab diamond rings?

Lily Arkwright is the perfect place if you are searching for a lab diamond, moissanite or lab grown coloured engagement ring. You can have complete trust in Lily Arkwright to deliver sustainably sourced and exceptional quality rings, with honesty and integrity. They have an expert jewellery consultancy team that can guide you through the process of buying an engagement ring online, all supported by unrivalled customer service.

If the idea of lab diamonds is of interest or you would simply like to learn more about lab grown jewellery simply call them on: 0161 537 6773, or alternatively you can email their jewellery consultancy team at: [email protected] or book an in-person consultation.