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Cyber security trends for 2022 and how to adapt quickly

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The notion of cyber security is thrown around a lot now that we are in the digital age, but what does it actually mean? Cyber security refers to the processes involved with keeping you safe online. This includes anti-virus software, malware, and software updates. These systems are still necessary for the modern age, but technology has moved on since then.

Cyber security trends for 2022

The last several years have seen a rise in remote working, which means that the general public has had to learn how to use cyber security themselves. You no longer have a team of IT specialists at your beck and call. So, how can you adapt and make sure that you are up-to-date on all the latest cyber security trends? Read on to find out.

Ransomware protection

Ransomware has existed ever since the first hard drives became a household appliance. This type of cyber attack requires the hacker to upload malware onto the victim’s computer that completely shuts them out of their device. The hacker then uses this malicious software to encrypt the user’s data until a ransom is paid.

Statistics have shown that recent circumstances have given rise to the number of ransomware attacks and much of the general public is unaware of this type of cybercrime. The first step in preventing ransomware attacks is learning about it. if more people become knowledgeable about ransomware then it should lead to a fall in the number of people willing to try it. The second is installing ransomware protection onto your device to deny hackers the ability to encrypt your information.

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A key part of defending against cybercrime is learning how to adapt. Hackers are always looking to find new ways to get at your data, and they will try everything to get past the latest defensive technology. Unfortunately, much of our protective software is created out of necessity after an attack has already happened since humans can only respond retroactively. However, there is a new ally that can help us with this problem.

Artificial intelligence is now common in the workplace thanks to its ability to complete multiple functions at once. This duplicity is great, but the main benefit of AI is that it can keep updating and learning. This means that artificial intelligence software can predict the next pattern of cybercrime and alert you to any possible dangers. Therefore, this new innovation can adapt to deal with attacks in a way that you never could.

Cloud security

Cloud-based security protocols became commonplace in the last decade and for good reason. A cloud server stores all of your data onto one single server that is linked to the web. This means that you no longer need to spread your information across several servers, only one of which needs to be hacked in order for someone to get at all of your data. Furthermore, the active internet server allows for multiple encryptions to take place so that is harder to create a breach. Using a cloud server in 2022 is standard practice but it is not infallible.

All it takes is one misconfiguration from an employee or the server itself to give an unfriendly hacker access to the cloud. It is now standard practice to train employees to use this type of software properly, but that doesn’t prevent malfunctions in the server itself. That is why it is important to create a backup server that you can activate in the event of a breach. Then you can simply delete the corrupted server and continue with the next one.

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As a business owner, you have reams of personal data that you want to protect. All of the methods above can help you do that, but there is also the matter of your client’s data to think about as well. As the world moves forward in the digital age, clients are becoming more concerned about where their information is stored. You will need this information to fulfil their needs and provide a good service, but how do you ensure them that the data they provide you is safe? The answer is certification.

An ISO 27001 is a management system that proves you have met the criteria to protect the data of your business. You can receive an ISO 27001 with an audit and discover how to manage your policy by using a company like High Table. They have all the relevant ISO 27001 templates necessary to get you through this complex process.

An ISO 27001 removes the need to explain all of your safety processes to your clients. Just one look at your certification is all it takes to put their minds at ease.

Data privacy

It is impossible to roam the internet in the modern age without leaving a footprint. This footprint is often comprised of your IP address and is taken one step further if you need to provide your phone number or email address on a site. This simple act can provide unfriendly eyes with the means to track you to your server and hack your data. A worrying thought for those than run a company.

The best way to ensure that this does not happen is by teaching your staff about data privacy. New laws have been passed in the UK to allow its citizens the chance to prevent cookies, the very thing that is used to establish a digital footprint in the first place. You can even take it further by stressing the importance of withdrawing your personal details from the sites you visit. The local pizza delivery place must have your email and address when you order, but you should probably get them to delete you from their database if you are concerned about your cyber safety.

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Multi-tool authentication

This era of technology is mostly defined by its implementation of portable technology. Laptops provided a way for us to surf the internet with a wireless connection, but that level of innovation has led to the internet begin available on our phones- a device that you use daily.

The fact that your data is so readily available on so many devices might seem like a curse, but it has also provided us with some great data loss prevention strategies. Multi-tool authentication requires the user to confirm their identity across multiple devices. This means that a hacker will need access to your computer login and your mobile data to breach your private data. This two-step process is considered a nuisance to some, but it is one of the strongest tools at your disposal to prevent cybercrime. It also demonstrates how the public has adapted our normal behaviours for our own protection.


Cyber security is always going to be a concern as technology moves forward. Fortunately, we now have the perfect tools to help us adapt enough to combat it. As you can see, a key part of cyber security is staying ahead of the next type of attack. Our society is now in the position to do so with AI and encryption technology. What’s more, you can even demonstrate how secure you are with the right cyber security diploma certification.

Education is an important tool when it comes to preventing cyber security, but it looks like you may not even have to worry about this in the future. However, the best way to adapt to cybercrime in 2022 is by exercising caution. Make cybersecurity a part of your daily functions and you can reliably protect yourself.