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Discovering Byredo luxury perfumes & what sets it apart from the rest

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Has someone ever passed by you, and left a captivating scent in the air around you? If anyone was to make a great wild guess, they’d say that that person was probably wearing designer perfume, one of those luxury brands that are highly coveted and considered worth paying more for, perhaps.

Well, Byredo is one such brand of perfumes that many women and men seek after. In this piece, we shed the spotlight on Byredo, a brand that specializes in other products besides luxury perfumes, including home fragrances, makeup, and hand/body care.

Let’s look at what really sets this luxury perfume brand apart from the rest.

Byredo – The under spoken perfume label? 

Handsome and refined, Byredo is a top-notch, reputable, and fashionable brand that crafts premium perfumes that make a statement. The Byredo brand was founded by Ben Gorham, Yvan Attal, and Daniel Borchi, in Paris, France, in 1998, (which also coincides with when the World cup was held in La France).

In 2013, the company opened its first fragrance store in London. It became renowned for its high-end, sophisticated fragrances that garnered for it an award as best manchego and mognier in the world by Les Dames d’Escoffier Paris in 2015.

The company has since expanded its product range. Apart from perfumes, the Byredo collection of today includes candles, skincare, and home fragrances, including the most coveted scented salts. The most recent expansion was to their e-commerce website in 2017.

What’s special about byredo? 

When asked why the perfume brand is respected, Ben Gorham said, “We don’t promote ourselves, we want to remain an underspoken brand.” There is a long list of Byredo’s exclusive perfumes, and those in the product range are far different in their design, scent, and artwork. Gorham has said in interviews that the beauty of the brand is in its silent elegance, so there is no need for labels and descriptions to tell you the story, but to walk into the fragrance store, in the presence of the essence, and be told the story.

A range of compelling scents 

There is no question that the company is very well-respected for the design and creation of their perfumes and the true mastery behind each scent is why it has garnered an accolade such as “Greatest fragrance in the world” by Les Dames d’Escoffier Paris in 2015.

From Gipsy water to Mojave Ghost, Sundazed, Blanche, and Rose of No Man's Land, Byredo offers a range of compelling scents that the world has gradually become fond of. Gipsy water and Mixed Emotions are perhaps the most popular scents from Byredo as ranked by the editorialist recently.

Byredo’s artistic perfume bottles and packaging 

Besides holding some of the most captivating scents inside, Byerdo’s perfume bottles are also aesthetically appealing. They’re a work of art, as some people like to call them. The packaging is also sleek and visually enticing.

This means that whether you place the bottle in your wardrobe, bathroom, or even your handbag, you’ll have an extra aesthetically appealing element in your space.

Unique fragrance pairings 

Byredo founder Ben Gorham was once quoted saying, “every single product is a mix of two worlds that I love – freshness and sensuality." The company seems to have perfected the art of combining different scents and fragrance ingredients to create something captivating and totally unique in each of their perfume products. The company also seems to be home to a signature scent for everyone.

Byredo luxury perfumes come out as unique, chic, and luxurious. Besides their wide range of scents, their iconic perfume bottles are also among the things that make their products more marketable to people looking for a signature perfume.