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A Handy Guide to Funny Birthday Cards

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Funny birthday cards are a great way to wish someone a happy birthday in a fun and playful way. The humoristic nature of funny birthday cards is sure to bring laughter and joy to your loved ones on their special day. If you don’t know where to start and are browsing the many options online such as these funny birthday cards from Boomf, the following guide will briefly cover all you need to know about comical greeting cards for birthdays.

A Handy Guide to Funny Birthday Cards

Types of Funny Birthday Cards

Funny birthday cards actually come in many different flavours to choose from. You will probably want to consider who you are sending the card to first, as certain types of comical greeting cards aren’t always suitable for everyone. However, the main types of funny birthday cards that you can find online are:

  • Sarcastic cards that make a tongue-in-cheek comment about the recipient's age or personality.

  • Joke cards that feature puns or one-liners.

  • Humorous cards that depict cartoon characters or animals in silly situations.

  • Parody cards that make fun of pop culture icons or famous people.

  • Rude or offensive cards that may not be suitable for all recipients.

  • Meme cards that feature popular internet memes.

It's important to consider the recipient's sense of humour and what they might find funny when choosing funny birthday cards.

Where to Find Funny Birthday Cards?

There are many great options that you can explore when trying to find funny birthday cards. The best option for you will depend on where you are and what access you have to the various options, so there isn’t necessarily a ‘best place’ to find funny birthday cards.

We have compiled a little list that should give you an idea of where you can look to find great funny birthday cards:

  • Large online card retailers, such as Boomf. This option has the best quality and usually, large card retailers have the best designs also.

  • Online eCommerce sites such as Etsy, or your local equivalent.

  • Online shops that cater to individually owned businesses, such as Etsy or Redbubble. These sorts of sites usually offer funny birthday cards sold by an individual artist.

  • Your local gift shops! Many people forget that you can buy greeting cards in person these days…

Hopefully, this list should put you on the right track to finding funny birthday cards. Luckily, this isn’t a greeting card variation that is only sold at a particular time of the year – since birthdays can happen all year round. Therefore, you shouldn’t struggle to find them.

Personalised Funny Birthday Cards

If you really want to add a personal touch to your funny birthday cards, you can even opt to get personalised ones. Most large card retailers offer extensive customisation and personalisation options, which can be a great place to get started.

In addition to the jokes that are usually featured on funny birthday cards, you could also attach a photo of a funny memory or something that makes your recipient laugh. These sorts of gestures go a long way and are a wonderful way to brighten up someone’s day. It can also strengthen your bond with the recipient, as it shows how much you care and consider their feelings.

Funny Birthday Card Messages

There are many different things you can write in a funny birthday card message, depending on the recipient's sense of humour and your relationship with them. Some examples of funny birthday card messages include:

- "Happy birthday! You're not getting older; you're just getting closer to your expiration date."

-  "Happy birthday! I hope you have a wonderful day filled with cake, presents, and people who can still remember your name."

-  "Happy birthday! I'm so glad you were born because otherwise, I'd have to celebrate my own birthday alone."

Final word

In conclusion, funny birthday cards are a great way to bring laughter and joy to your loved ones on their special day. With various types of cards available online and in local shops, you can easily find one that suits your recipient's sense of humour. Personalise it further by adding a funny memory or a witty message. Make their day even more special with a touch of humour!

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