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Making your Wardrobe Timeless with LOVALL

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Editorial feature in collaboration with LOVALL.

Let’s face it, who has the time, money or energy to create a whole new wardrobe every few months? What you need is some timeless basics that are going to keep your wardrobe evergreen throughout the year. And one women’s fashion brand is bringing you the answer to all your wardrobe staple needs. 

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LOVALL are the home of Leggings, Denim and Timeless Basics. With a strong focus on inclusivity, a constant strive to be more eco, and the perfect products for any woman’s wardrobe, they are doing fashion the right way. 

Born in 2019, the UK brand has been growing in popularity. You may even know them by their previous name – Love Leggings. Now LOVALL, they’ve expanded their ranges from just Leggings into Denim, Hoodies, Linen, Faux Leather, and more. Plus, with a vast Maternity collection, they really are achieving their goals to be for ALL women.  

I’ve been chatting with them recently, and they’ve been talking all about how to keep your wardrobe working for you all year round. 

A Word from LOVALL

We are LOVALL. And if there is one thing we know, it’s how to do timeless basics right. We are not a fast fashion brand, instead we create clothes that will last. Helping you to create a wardrobe that is fit for every season and sees you through the year with some stunning looks to build your outfits from. 

So, here to bring women the wardrobe they need. We’ve hit the nail on the head with some staples that you can rely on. From Everyday Leggings to comfy Loungewear, to your go-to occasion outfits. We have you covered for everything, and we always keep things completely TIMELESS. 

Leggings to Rely On

Our Leggings come in our inclusive sizing from 6 – 28, in lengths Petite, Regular and Tall, and we offer exceptional ranges of Maternity Leggings too. This way, we know that we are creating the very best range of leggings that ALL women can enjoy on the daily.  

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Our Leggings are a dependable piece for everyday, in particular our Everyday and Lightweight Leggings. As these are ideal for wearing, no matter what you have planned for the day. They are a true go-to that has a rightful place in your wardrobe capsule. 

We give our leggings the features you need to keep you comfortable, supported, and looking good. This includes high-rise waistbands, options of full-length or cropped, and soft-to-touch fabrics that are kind on your skin. Plus, and potentially best of all, they come with a non-see-through guarantee. Having that full coverage will never go out of style – making our leggings the ideal timeless basic for your wardrobe.  

Denim Done Right

One of the newer additions to our ranges at LOVALL is the Redefined Denim Collection. After a long time in development, we now have a range of denim products that are perfect for every woman’s needs. From Lift & Shape Jeans to Mom Jeans and Straight Leg Jeans. We even offer the comfiest denim of all in the form of Jeggings. 

A good pair of Jeans is a must. So, our Denim is the timeless basic you need for your bottom half. We’ve integrated added stretch to keep things comfortable, high-waisted designs for figure-flattering looks, and a range of colourways so you can find the perfect pair for you. 

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Again, we’ve got sizing to suit everyone, and our denim comes in Maternity too. With super soft and supportive over-the-bump bands that keep you feeling confident throughout pregnancy and post-partum. 

Jeans are ideal for everyday wear and can be dressed up for going out for a nice meal or for drinks with friends. You can never go wrong, so long as you have the jeans that give you the perfect fit. 

Love Loungewear 

We can tell what really is timeless – the need for a good relax. Every woman needs that lounging time, and every woman deserves it. So, ensuring your wardrobe is fit for those crucial moments of relaxation is very important. 

Discover the Loungewear sets that never go out of style and never fail to keep you cosy for those sofa days. From Luxe Loungewear that has irresistibly soft brushed linings to Cable Knit Co-ords that are the snuggly set you need for the colder months. And of course, for timeless basics you need to have a go-to pair of sweats to curl up in. 

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Feel good, timelessly. LOVALL brings you the loungewear you need to keep things cosy on the regular. With comfy hoodies, lightweight sweats, and soft joggers, we are dedicated to offering inclusive cosy go-to fits for women.  

Lylia Rose X LOVALL

Lylia Rose and LOVALL have collaborated to allow you to discover great women’s fashion, that does everything the right way. From inclusivity to sustainability to affordability.

As a Money and Lifestyle blog, what better way to bring you brands that won’t cost you the world but will benefit your lifestyle. 

LOVALL can supply your wardrobe throughout your lifetime. From your everyday clothing to pregnancy and post-partum clothing, meaning you can have your timeless wardrobe staples covered for every stage of life. Plus, with price points ranging from £7 - £45, the products are ideal for stocking up your wardrobe essentials with good-value clothes that will last. 

A timeless money-saving tip is to find those brands that you can rely on to last you but aren’t out of reach when it comes to cost. LOVALL is one of those brands.