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Budget-Friendly Weekend Getaways: Tips to Save on Your Next Escape

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Following a week brimming with professional endeavours, there's a universal craving to immerse yourself in relaxation. What’s better than a brief, rejuvenating escapade during the weekend to invigorate your spirit for the forthcoming week’s challenges?

Yet, it's an undeniable reality that such brief retreats often entail a significant financial cost. Even for a trip locally, you will need the funds to enjoy a good experience. For instance, a hotel stay for three days can set you back upwards of £600.

With that in mind, it’s important to plan such getaways meticulously. And, in this guide, you will find actionable tips you can leverage to ensure you can better plan your weekend getaways.

Planning Affordable Weekend Getaways

Prepare in Advance

As we mentioned, weekend getaways can be quite expensive. This is why you have to budget properly. You can set aside a percentage of your salaries for a certain period of time until you hit your getaway budget goal. Or you can plan more strategically and deposit money in a high-interest savings account and watch as your funds grow over a certain period of time. 

Once you are able to withdraw the money, you can enjoy more weekend getaways or simply a better experience at the location you have selected.

Find the Right Location

For a weakened getaway, you will have to find a place you love that’s not far away. Opting for international travel is not viable as you won’t have the time to experience the offerings of the destination properly.

So, the best thing you can do is make a list of your top 10 destinations you want to visit and open Google Flights. On Google Flights, you can find the cheapest deals on airfare as well as hotels you can stay at. You can also set up the Google Flights price alerts tracker feature and get notified whenever a cheap flight to your destination is available.

It might be a good idea to go over a Google Flights guide as the platform is quite complex. Such guides will equip you with knowledge of how you can use each feature to ensure you are getting the most out of this robust platform.

If you do not prefer to stay in hotels, you can look for accommodation sites and find whatever works best for you.

Fly on Budget Airlines

Budget airlines have become the go-to solution for frequent travellers. While many believe that flying on a budget carrier can be uncomfortable, that’s not been the case in recent years. The top-budget airlines have ensured that all experiences are comfortable for flyers, and of course, if they want extra amenities, such as food and drinks, they are priced fairly. 

So, if you want to enjoy a more budget-friendly weekend getaway, you should consider budget airlines. That being said, beware that some of the best budget airlines might not be available on Google Flights as they opt to list booking options on their own websites.

Finding Value in Every Trip

Weekend getaways don’t have to necessitate flying to a certain location. After all, road trips are still very much in fashion and they can offer you a great way to wind down after a long hard week at work. 

Pack the thermos with tea or coffee, hit the road with friends, and enjoy the landscapes your country has to offer.

Dining Economically: Enjoying Local Cuisine Without Breaking the Bank

When planning a weekend getaway, indulging in local culinary delights is key, and it can be done without overspending. Here are some tips to enjoy local food economically:

  • Look out for happy hours and special offers: Many eateries have happy hour discounts or daily specials. This is an excellent opportunity to enjoy quality meals for less money.

  • Pack snacks for sightseeing: Bring along small snacks from home or buy them from local shops. This helps avoid the cost of eating out during your excursions.

  • Group dining: If you are travelling with friends or family, think about ordering shared meals. This way, you can enjoy a variety of dishes and split the cost.

Remember, eating economically doesn't mean missing out on taste or cultural experiences. It's about choosing wisely to savour the local cuisine while sticking to your budget.

Final word

Weekend getaways can be extremely fun and not as pricey if you adopt the right strategy, from finding the right budget-friendly flights to planning way ahead and preparing the budget for your trips.

Take a look at the tips we shared and adopt them if they align with your personal needs and wants.