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  1. A spotty alternative to a plastic carrier bag

    It is one of my missions for 2014 to make sure we always remember our reusable shoppers.  This will stop us wasting plastic carriers, anywhere between 300-700 per year apparently... wow! It's a funny thing as when I was younger it was just 'hippies' who recycled and took reusable bags to supermarkets.  It just wasn't the done thing.  It's so silly really as we all should have been raised just dong these things.  I'm so pleased we will raise our children with these environmentally conscious things as being the norm.  Hopefully the future generation will nurture our planet and looking after it will be second nature.

    When growing up we never had a recycle bin.  The council didn't push recycling on anyone, let alone collect it from our residence.  We had a stash of carriers under the sink, but only incase we needed to take a PE kit to school or transport mucky trainers around.  We never took the back to the supermarket with us.  We just got new carriers when we were there.  It's pretty terrible really.

    I was very thankful to receive this fabulous Baggu bag from a friend for Christmas last week.  Reusable shoppers don't have to be boring at all!  I'm looking forward to them becoming the norm and everyone using them! 

    Maybe they should just ban plastic carriers altogether and force shops to only sell reusable ones made from recycled materials?

    Baggu Polka Dot Shopper

    The Baggu bags are designed to be as eco-friendly as possible producing minimum waste.  They are made from ultra strong material and double stitched to ensure they last for years and can carry up to a whopping 50 lbs.  The materials are ethically sourced, recycled or recyclable themselves and the bags are also ethically made.  Definitely all great reasons to purchase a Baggu shopper.

    I love the polka dot style and the fabulous bright blue colour.  They also sell a range of cool animal prints and bright block colours.