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  1. How Lylia Rose Began

    Lylia Rose was created whilst on maternity leave, following the arrival of my baby girl, Bella Rose.  In the very beginning I created a pretty huge selection of handmade cards and some hand assembled jewellery.  This began as a hobby, but as craft supplies started taking over the house I thought I'd try to sell my creations!

    I’d heard many fab things about Etsy so thought I’d try to sell my wares there.  After searching for a store name which was not taken, trying every possible combination of mine and my daughter’s names, I decided to try my second favourite girl’s name, Lylia.  Success!  Lylia Rose was available.

    As I had no funds for my new venture, I made use of free social networking platforms Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to promote my wares.  I quickly became a social media networking addict, leading to this becoming its own hobby!  I found I was quickly selling more items directly through my Facebook page rather than my Etsy store, so put all my time and effort into Facebook in the early days.

    The jewellery was my best seller, so I experimented by selling some brand new jewellery alongside my hand assembled items.   My choice of handpicked items received a great response and these were selling quickly through my Facebook page.  I gradually started increasing my collection of handpicked items and so I evolved into a sole trader!

    Facebook keep making changes to how certain posts are viewed, meaning small business pages posts are not being seen by many.  My reach has dropped greatly so it was definitely time to sell through another avenue and I decided to set up my very own website!  Which brings ‘the story so far’ up to date!  It’s been eight weeks now and I absolutely love my new website.  I have a feeling this may be my third hobby!

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